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A sexy tattooed beast of an older man is the perfect fake fiancé for a sweet waitress who needs help. Harlow: Brooklyn is my unexpected savior – his huge presence is a shield against the customers who constantly hit on me at work. I have to prove myself to get better shifts. Rent doesn’t pay itself, and moving back home is not an option. Brooklyn is an angel for helping me. Even though he looks more like a giant devil – a wall of muscle and savage tattoos, with an intensity that no man would mess with. He makes me feel safe and loved. Things that I’ve never felt before. Is this rush I feel around him just my first taste of real lust, or am I already falling for him? Brooklyn: In my line of work I’ve dealt with criminals, smugglers, the mafia and more. Nothing has ever rattled me. Yet one flick of Harlow’s lashes, one tiny smile, and I want to protect her and keep her forever. She’s a sweet, innocent girl with her entire future ahead of her. I need to keep my hands to myself, and my eye on the target of cleaning up my image to help my business. I can’t focus on anything beyond the feeling of my beautiful goddess in my arms. She deserves better than me, but I’m not letting her go. 

A surprising invitation leads Elizabeth to discover the most unexpected villainy…and the deepest love. When Mr. Darcy invited Elizabeth Bennet to visit Pemberley, his stated purpose was that her friendliness and vivacity might help his sister Georgiana recover from her lingering sorrow and shame from the events at Ramsgate…but his hidden intention was to set his secret attachment to the test. Seeing Elizabeth at his beloved Pemberley would surely either end a mere infatuation, or prove that their connection would be one to treasure for all time. Elizabeth Bennet agreed to be a guest at Pemberley on the condition that Jane might come with her to see Mr. Bingley once again. She expected a pleasant time of good society and being of use to Georgiana. But Elizabeth could never have anticipated the hold the Darcys and their beautiful corner of Derbyshire would soon have over her heart. Still less could she have guessed at the dark secret weighing down Georgiana’s spirits…or the daring confrontation she would face to free her. With Georgiana’s happiness and her own heart on the line, can Elizabeth balance discretion with daring to set all to rights…and find love, too? 

My one night stand is now my boss and the father of my son. Speeding away from my wedding, my car breaks down on the highway. And who comes to my rescue… Liam. My one night stand and father of my three-year-old son. I thought I’d never see him again. Now here I am, just as moist as I was that night. With nowhere else to go, he offers a haven for me and my son, by hiring me as his nanny. My mind was telling me no, but “yes” was what came out my mouth. Now I spend my days trying not to strangle him, and my nights trying not to give up my goodies. But he weakens my walls until my body and heart can’t resist him. he has yet to notice the similarity in our son’s eyes. With my secret in such close proximity, it’s only a matter of time before he realizes that my son also carries his DNA.

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