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She’s researching her family’s genealogy, but she never expected to become history herself. Sarah Johansson is planning a family reunion when a photo of a little-known relative sparks her curiosity. A closer look at the post-World War I image causes her to tumble back in time to 1919 and into the hospital room of a brooding, wounded infantry corporal. Jacob Bellamy is done with war and everything it involves. After risking his life in the trenches, he hopes to finally find peace by retiring to his family’s farm. But when the war’s toll strikes too close to home and lands him in a hospital bed, the last thing he’s prepared for is the beautiful, mysterious woman who barges into his room and demands help—or the long-dead feelings she stirs inside him. As Sarah tries to unravel clues about her family’s history, her attraction toward the sexy Army veteran only grows. But her time in the past is growing short, and when an old wartime enemy of Jacob’s sets his sights on the blond beauty, Jacob will stop at nothing to keep her safe…even if it means losing her for good. 

All work and no play… Ashley Jenson’s most successful relationship is her career. Newly promoted to manager of Abandon, she’s determined to make her boss, Aidan, proud. Newly appointed deputy manager, Lucas, fresh from a previous employment scandal, is not impressed that Aidan has neglected to tell him his new boss is female. Their working relationship is polite, distant and strictly professional. Or is it? As months pass and the two of them grow closer, can they abandon the ghosts of their pasts to risk a future of love?

I don’t care if she is my sister’s best friend; there is no way she is stealing my family’s estate. My vineyard has been home for generations, and now I’m told we don’t really own it. After that first encounter at a neighboring estate sale, all I can see is her fiery hair, the temper in her eyes, and those full red lips. I keep thinking about those lips, that almost kiss, my hand hot on the small of her back. She is all trouble with a capital T. This sultry redhead thinks she can walk in and take what she wants. She doesn’t know the hornets’ nest she’s stirring up. I’m no pushover, and I’ll do anything to stop her. After the meeting with our lawyers, it sounds like I might have to – a fake marriage. The only way to save the vineyards. But living on the same estate with her may have its advantages.

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