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Sometimes your coffee shop crush makes a great cup of joe, and sometimes he turns out to be the love of your life. Jack reluctantly leaves Manhattan for small-town Connecticut to focus on finishing the overdue fourth book in his bestselling middle grade series. The local coffee shop is the perfect place to buckle down and meet his deadline, except for the distracting presence of barista Pete, who’s even hotter than the coffee. When Jack and Pete’s budding friendship quickly turns to flirting, Jack finds himself inspired to finish his book and get to know his sexy coffee shop crush more intimately. But Pete isn’t only a barista, and when they discover that their lives are already intertwined in an unexpected way, can their new relationship survive revelations from Pete’s past?

I’m a wolf-shifter in a world that outlaws magic. She’s the daughter of a Lord, a mage with tantalizing magic coursing through her veins. Claire is as enticing as she is forbidden. Our connection sparks electricity at every touch, fueling an untamed attraction. Every stolen kiss ignites a burning hunger. An irresistible force draws us together as a scheme threatens the entire kingdom. Her enchantments and my shape-shifting abilities become our most potent weapons as we unveil royal secrets. Secrets the king had outlawed magic to keep hidden. Defying society to be together, our forbidden magic may be the realm’s only hope.

My Best friend’s older brother, Declan Morgan, used to be my ultimate crush, my teenage fantasy, and then my biggest disappointment. Declan is the one man I vowed to hate forever. But when he fixes those piercing eyes on me, I feel as though he’s undressing my soul, exposing secrets I’ve fought hard to bury. The last thing I need is Declan muscling his way back into my life. He’s dominant, assertive, and so painfully attractive it’s maddening. But when he storms into my classroom demanding answers about my deadbeat ex, my predictable world tilts off its axis. I’m a single mom with responsibilities that don’t include lusting after the older man who’s supposed to protect our town. But when my past returns, igniting a chain of events that throws my world into chaos, Declan is adamant about protecting me. Even though he pisses me off on the daily, part of me yearns for his bad-boy charm and the security that comes with it. As the threat to my family’s safety grows, so does my forbidden attraction to him. The forbidden has never felt so tempting. And the temptation has never felt so dangerous. 

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