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Tom Marko Has It All. He’s Smart. He’s Confident. He’s on Top of the “Bachelors to Snag” Lists. Did I mention he’s a self-made billionaire and pro basketball player with a body to match? But he doesn’t just want me to run his PR & marketing. He’s made it clear that he wants me…all of me. He knows my one rule—never date clients. And I don’t make exceptions. But Tom Marko goes after what he wants. The minute we meet his clear blue eyes focus on nothing but me. After he tricks me to spend four days in his Colorado mountaintop mansion, all I want is him. Everything is different. The tables have turned. I’m changed, forever. What’s different with him? Boundaries are blurred. Rules shattered. But Tom Marko has a dark past he’s hiding from me—from everyone. Now, it’s determined to destroy him. Destroy us. Destroy everything. After knowing the truth, can I really be all in?

A paranormal fairy tale re-telling… of vampires, captivity, and love. They said that Once Upon a Time, Cinderella resided with her monstrous stepmother, ugly stepsisters, and led a life of cruel drudgery, until one day, a fairy godmother helped her attend a ball, where she met a charming prince and lived happily ever after. But what if he was a dark prince? A vampire? And Ella the daughter of his maid? What if he wanted Ella to birth his children? Could not wait for a taste of her sweet chaste desire… After six years of captivity with her cruel father and stepfamily, will Ella wish to be free, or will she tie herself to Beau for eternity?

He thought he had it all; until he met her. Max was living his best life, focused on success. Until a trip to a small town changes everything. He is desperate to find his lost dog, Titan. Instead, he finds the woman who awakens his cold, jaded heart. Ellen never imagined herself with another man after her husband died. Meeting Max reignites her heart. Confusion and grief swirl as she tries to process her feelings. A second chance at love has come if she is willing to love an older man. Can a big-city millionaire find contentment in the small town he left behind? Will fear and grief stand in the way of true love, or will two lonely souls claim their happily ever after?

Working for my grumpy cowboy ex, while keeping our son a secret… you couldn’t pay me enough to take that job. Oh boy. Returning to Masterson was never part of the plan. Now my car’s dead on the side of the road and the one person I’m forbidden to see just stopped to help. What is it about this man that makes me melt more than this hot Texas sun? His favorite cowboy hat? His rugged good looks? Those sapphire blue eyes? Unexpected reunions can be awkward and this one is no exception. Had I known he’d go from “my ex” to “my boss” within the week, I would have run for those dusty hills. But those sweet looks, gentle touches, and lingering stares… what I wouldn’t give for another chance at this. My heart shattered when I left, but my hand was forced, and I had to protect my family from certain financial ruin. I just hope one day he’ll understand why I had to keep our son a secret all these years.

I’m stuck in an arranged marriage with my handsome grumpy billionaire ex. The instant our eyes locked, he looked at me like an intruder who would disrupt his carefully controlled life. Something about him seems different this time, the bone chilling aura he exudes. So when his business deals threatens to fall apart for lack of a wife, I promised to help. I’m not sure I made the right decision but everything inside me screams, run. Then we kissed and it was magical. But when he got me between the sheets, it was even greater. How do I stop every inch of my being from screaming out his name? Though we are no longer in the shadows, His mother would never accept me because we’re from different worlds. Now, what would she say when she finds out her son is all mine.

No commitment? He can do that. A fling? She can do that. There’s no harm in adding a little romance. Everly Kane’s life might be on a Plan B track, but she’s perfectly content with her job, her nights out at the movies, and putting her past behind her. She certainly doesn’t need to be reminded over and over that her sister is, well, engaged to Everly’s ex. Spending time with the visiting architect in town is the distraction that she needs. Austin Hayes is the architect hired to redesign Everly’s beloved theater. As a widower with a young daughter, the last thing he wants is to juggle another relationship. Thankfully, Austin is only in Everly Falls for a few weeks. What could be better than having a fling with a guy who has no power to break her heart?

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