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Is my hot professor single? Not a good question. I should worry about my grades instead. My internship at his gym will be great for my career. If I have the willpower to keep my hands to myself. Commanding and masterful, his teaching excites me. So does the rest of him… We never meant for it to happen. A stolen kiss, a secret fling. My feelings for him are real, And so are the two lines on my pregnancy test.

A cheating boyfriend, A fake one, and an arrogant guitarist that I can’t get out of my head. Life sucks. My perfect college life shatters when I catch my boyfriend cheating on me in our own bed. Devastated and determined to prove myself, I concoct a plan-b to make my family finally see my worth. But things take an unexpected turn when I encounter Rowen Callahan, the outrageously sexy, Bad Boy Rockstar with an ego the size of a stadium. It was supposed to be a one-night stand, but when I take my best friend’s advice and order a fake boyfriend through a mysterious service, only to have Rowen show up, imagine my surprise. How many jobs does this a-hole have? I never imagined spending a single moment more with this jerk, let alone pretending to be in a relationship with him. No! Stay away from me and my graduation. I’d be happy if we never see each other again. But I can’t get him out of my head. Is this love? Or is this obsession? I only have two choices: accept my defeat or put my pride aside and go after him.

My billionaire brother’s best friend who shattered my heart is back in town. Max was the boy I had crushed on. Now, he’s a handsome man with a chiseled jaw and a gaze that can pierce your soul. He’s a man of every woman’s desires. Trapped in my apartment by an unexpected storm, old feelings ignite like wildfire, breaking down every wall I’ve built from my high school tormentor. The darkness and cold outside fail to tame the flame on the inside. Each touch was like a spark, setting off fireworks in my body and mind. It didn’t take him long to completely dominate me. I want to give him my all, but the whispers in town about his scandal haunt me. I’m putting my heart on the line, but for this new Max… I’m willing to risk it all.

I’ve been sleeping with my best friend’s billionaire dad. I waitress at a prestigious gentlemen’s club while pursuing my Broadway career. When I spill a cocktail on my shirt, a member gives me access to new uniforms in the storage closet. I notice his striking salt-and-pepper hair, broad shoulders… And incredibly handsome face. I glimpse his smoldering gaze as I unbutton my shirt. He turns away like a perfect gentleman, but I pull him closer. He brushes my cheek and says I make him want to do bad, bad things. His touch sends waves of intense pleasure and I purr for more. But then the shocking truth is revealed. He’s my best friend’s dad. We should stop, but instead, we sneak around. Every secret rendezvous pulls us deeper. I’m falling for him, hard. And now my heart is at stake… Because if our affair ever touches the light of day, I could lose my best friend forever.

The Duke of Meyrick is throwing a house party! And the stories in the Christmas Kisses series happen as a result of this get together. You might learn about Regency parlor games you have never heard of before! The Lady’s Christmas Kiss: At a festive Christmas gathering, Lady Rebecca is taken aback by the unexpected presence of Viscount Myles Hastings, the only man who’s ever broken her heart. When a twist of fate pushes them together, Myles is eager to rekindle their romance amidst mistletoe balls and holiday merriment. But can Rebecca trust him again, and will the magic of Christmas guide them back to true love? The Viscount’s Christmas Queen: Lucius, Viscount of Northwick, is deeply frustrated when Miss Ainsley joins them unexpectedly, ruining the enjoyment of the Christmas house party for him. Having fallen out with Miss Ainsley during the summer Season, he considers returning to his estate, only for a bullet pudding to change everything! Will the Christmas gathering do anything to change these enemies to friends… or even into something more? Her Christmas Duke: When Miss Augusta Moir secretly distributes the Duke of Meyrick’s possessions to the needy after his refusal to give on St. Thomas’ Day, sparks fly. As the Duke, Edward, grows closer to Augusta during festive celebrations, the mysterious disappearance of a treasured item threatens their budding connection. Can the magic of Christmas help them find not only the lost item but also a love neither expected? 

When you find what you swore you could never have. Holly: After my vanilla boyfriend dumps me on the way to Cozumel, I check myself into Vixen’s Paradise – an adult’s only resort that offers a place to indulge in pleasure or pain. The next thing I know, I’m agreeing to five days of adventurous exploration with the owner of Vixen’s Paradise. He’s a pleasure Dom, who makes my pulse race. I might have feelings for Noel, but I swore I’d never lose myself to a Dom again… Noel: After my wife died, I knew I had to be a different kind of man, but I didn’t think love was possible for me, even though I opened Vixen’s Paradise to create a place where others could indulge in their fantasies. When I see Holly at the airport, she steals my breath, and when she agrees to be mine for five days and play with me, the grief in my heart eases a bit more. I want another week with her, even if she’s scared. I’m determined to do everything I can to show her she can trust me – that she’s safe with me this Christmas and the next.

All I really want for Christmas is my brother’s best friend! Shane: Katie’s always been a sweet kid. Even though she’s twenty-four now, the way she churns through boyfriends says just how young she is. I’ve got no business thinking about her curves and she has no business wanting to trek through the backcountry in the middle of winter. I’ll take her on a little overnight adventure in the state park then bring her home safe and sound. Until I find out those boyfriends are all fake…and then there’s the other big secret she’s been hiding. Now all bets are off, I’m keeping her. Katie: I know my crush on Shane is never going to go anywhere and I work hard not to be a pain in his ass about it. He’s too nice to ever tell me that himself. So when he suggests a bet, I insist if I win he has to take me with him to the super secret SEAL compound high in the Cascades. I want to see it at Christmas and spend a few precious days with Shane peeking into his world. Plus, if I can’t have him, maybe another SEAL would be almost as good?

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