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Landon: I’ve never been happier to be bullied into taking a job. As a Hollywood studio caterer, I can’t say no when I’m called and this time, it was worth it. On day one, I spot the girl who got away. I’ve been pining for Grace Lane since we had one date, two years ago, and never managed a second. I’m not letting her slip away this time. Grace: Christmas is bad enough with all the lovebirds when you’re alone. Having to work Christmas week is the pits. That is—until the sexy caterer hands me a plate of pasta and rekindles all the feels I’ve been suppressing for two years. I may be risking my heart all over again, but I can’t resist Landon’s mouthwatering food or his sexy smile. Honestly, I don’t want to resist anything he’s offering.

I probably shouldn’t have ogled Braden Oakley’s big axe. Oops. The four Oakley brothers coming back to town is something no one expected. But the biggest shock of all is Braden Oakley—all six-foot-four of pure sex—asking me out three whole minutes after we meet. Tall as a redwood and built like a moose, the devastatingly gorgeous lumberjack should have nothing in common with little miss artsy-pants—aka, me. Especially when his close-knit family likely expects him to date a certain type of girl—namely, the opposite of yours truly. So how come the harder I try to stay away, the more I end up wrapped up in his muscled arms begging for more of his hard…wood? Everyone talks about trees falling in the forest with no one around to hear them. But what about my heart? I should be sensible for once, and stay away from Braden. The heat between us is hot enough to start a forest fire. And if I don’t watch out, we’re both going to get burned.

Once upon a time in Biloxi, Mississippi… Garrett Tucker inherits his grandfather’s casino empire and steps into the reclusive billionaire’s shoes as the new “Prince of Vegas.” Discovering embezzlement in his newly purchased casino in Biloxi, Garrettgoes in undercover. His prime suspect? The new finance supervisor… a feisty brunette who stole his heart at first sight. Andi Ryan moves to Biloxi to take care for her godmother. Taking a job as finance supervisor for the renovated Bayou Princess casino, she discovers someone is skimming from the till. Andi starts her own investigation, worried she will be blamed for the theft when the handsome new owner discovers her godmother likes to gamble. Industrial espionage is afoot at the Bayou Princess, and Garrett and Andi are soon forced to work as a team to prove her innocence and save the casino before it’s too late.

A hopeless romantic who has given up hope. A billionaire who has everything except what he really wants. One car. One storm. One Valentine’s Day to remember. Sabrina Hopewell is swearing off romance. Sure, she’s been a sap her whole life, and most of the stage plays she’s written have been silly, swoony rom-coms. But after her latest heartbreak, she’s decided it’s time to grow up and leave the fairy tales behind. Unfortunately, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the entire city seems to be conspiring to make sure she doesn’t forget it. Which is why when the opportunity to get out of town for the day comes up, Sabrina doesn’t hesitate. Just her luck, her attempt to escape lands her in a car with New York’s most eligible dreamboat. Noah Prince, a.k.a. “Prince Charming,” leads a charmed life. Or at least that’s what the gossip columns would have you believe. Still, he’s happy enough. Or he was until earlier this morning. Now he’s not sure what he is. Or what he’s going to do. All he knows is he needs to get out of the city now. He packs a bag and calls a car service. It’s a little strange that his driver seems to actively dislike him, but he’s far too preoccupied to care. But when heavy snow hits, things take a sharp turn… right off the road. Now Sabrina and Noah will have to work together to get through the night. But will they be the same in the morning?

Getting kidnapped on the most important day of her career was not on Dr Britt Harmony’s bingo card. Neither was discovering that the fairytales her late father spun were true. A goddess-witch. A shape shifting prince of the highlands. Gods and monsters. All of it. True. What she’d spent her life denying, and masking from others, has become a reality. And try as she might, she’s unable to escape the handsome highlander who sets her body on fire. If you knew your destiny would send you on the adventure of a lifetime but one misstep would either land you in the arms of a Duke of Hell or in the talons of a dragon shifter who claims he’s your fated mate would you ever set foot in Scotland? Does she even have a choice? In Quinn Smythe’s millennia long life, he never allowed himself to believe that the prophecy he and his brothers were saddled with by The Fates was real. After all, his parents had a flare for drama and control. But when their Goddess mother, who has never respected boundaries, pops in at the absolute wrong time, and their absent otherworld sire decides it’s time to reconnect in the middle of a battle with the demon threatening not only Britt but all of their mates in his quest to take over mankind, will Quinn and his brethren accept their mates and fulfill their destiny?

1887 Kansas. Jasmine has no idea who she is, only that she’s awoken in a brothel and the madam is demanding repayment for taking care of her. Stark terror fills Jasmine when the madam sells her innocence to a stranger. Garrett might be kind, but it doesn’t change Jasmine’s situation. One night at The Ruby and she’s damaged goods. A soiled dove, even if it wasn’t by choice. Someone out there knows who she really is… Someone who wants to make her pay. Even after Garrett offers her a chance at a new life on his ranch with his brothers, Jasmine knows it could all come tumbling down. They can never find out who she really is, or what she’s done. They’d never want her in their home. But the more she gets to know the eldest brother, Ransom, the more she falls for him. Will she get her happily-ever-after, or will her past come knocking and wreck it all?

Locked in a storage room with my brother’s best friend, was never my plan. Returning home to Sumner Falls wasn’t my choice either, but I couldn’t say no to an old friend. Minutes after crossing the threshold into town there he was, and there I went… I nearly rear-ended another car when I spotted Chad, my teenage secret crush, strolling down the sidewalk. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to crash for real…into a fake relationship with Chad, for the sake of my brother and my own reputation. Stuck together with no food, no phone and a cot for one was not how I imagined a night alone with Chad Gallagher. Now we’re forced into a charade that will leave me either hating Chad or loving him even more.

To the outside world, Samantha “Sammy” Eastwood is just your ordinary girl. Grade A student, aspiring journalist, and an introvert who’d much prefer to stay home reading than have a night out partying. However, Sammy has a secret not a soul can ever know about – she’s the founder of Love, Anonymous, an anonymous love letter page for her peers on campus are obsessed with. And it all started because of him. Byron Ashford, her former childhood best friend. Law student by day, PT by night. The player who unknowingly broke her heart. When Sammy ghosted Byron a year ago, it had almost broken him. No text, no note – nothing to explain what had gone wrong. Crossing paths again in the most unlikely of places, Byron becomes determined to win back his best friend, no matter what it takes. He’ll pose as her project partner and write some sappy romance story. He’ll fake date her roommate just for a chance to see her face. Hell, he’ll even give up pursuing other women, if she agrees to his proposal. Their new arrangement seems to satisfy them both…until it doesn’t. Will their relationship survive when the secrets and revelations of Love, Anonymous come to light? Will Byron forgive Sammy for running away when he discovers the reason she left? Can a simple love letter bring these two soulmates back together? 

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