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In a despised corporate realm, I met my best friend’s older brother who is my boss, and now, my fake fiancé! How did I end up in this mess! Between navigating a billion-dollar deal, warding off Ethan’s arrogance, and pretending, I have my hands full. But when circumstances force us to live together on his estate, his weakness is exposed. His devotion to Ada, his precious daughter reveals a softer side of him and now the intensity is growing. Resisting his seductive glances becomes futile as the lines between reality and pretense blur. One night of forbidden desires turns my world upside down, leaving me craving more than I ever anticipated! And just when I think things can’t get more complicated, a secret from his past emerges potentially shattering everything. Now, what! I’ve got much more than just my job on the line…my heart!

AJ, a curious fat cat, has a secret – Aunt Jayne’s spirit resides in this fluffy feline. Together with her human, bookstore owner Stacey Knight, they form a remarkable sleuthing team, who can telepathically communicate. So, when crime emerges in Stacey’s bookstore by Smith Mountain Lake, with the appearance of stolen jewels AJ keeps dropping at her humans feet, they embark on a puzzling case involving a missing maid and family secrets. Following clues throughout the town, AJ suddenly vanishes. Stacey is determined to solve the crime and find her feline friend. She strives to keep her cool, uncover the clues and solve the crime with help from her quirky pink-haired assistant, Luna, and handsome hotel owner, Elliot. As the mysteries unfold and Stacey races against time, can she find the thief, rescue the missing maid, and, most importantly, her beloved AJ?

What started as an innocent coffee date unfolded as a steamy one-night stand. He is an incessant grump and billionaire bachelor. A fake engagement blurred pretense and passion, beyond the classroom. Martin swears it won’t happen again. I despise him for dumping me. Yet, an undeniable secret desire sparks, a forbidden craving. Our chemistry is too real. Hating him is hard too!! Hurt and lonely, I look to find solace in a neon-lit nightclub. In a life threatening incident,Martin, my protector, saves me risking his own life. Will this incident bring us back together? If only, he could heal his old wounds and bend his own rules.

Mika: I promised my best friend before she died that I’d honor her final request. I sort of always knew it was going to be something outrageous. But it’s way worse than anything I ever imagined! She wants me to seduce her older brother?!! The famous billionaire brother sitting next to me while I read her letter… I’ve been so busy with school, I don’t even know where to start. Help! Tanner: My sister never shared what she had planned for Mika, but she did love to surprise me. It’s the last of a long list of bequests I’ve been overseeing for the last year and I’m ready for a break. So I’m whisking this nervous sweetheart away with me to the lake house so I can see what she comes up with. I did warn her that if she succeeds in her assigned mission, I’m going to keep her forever…

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