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Ryder: What could be worse than Christmas? Working security on a Christmas movie a week before the “big day.” The only consolation? Charity Pine is also working as props master on this movie. The problem? Charity has haunted my dreams for years, but she’s my best friend’s little sister and the one woman I can never have. Luke and I enlisted together. The Navy gave us our basic training, but the SEALs made men of us. I came home from a mission five years ago . . . but Luke didn’t. I vowed to protect his baby sister for the rest of my life, but I’m sure that didn’t include falling for her. Charity: What could be better than Christmas? Perfect snowy days, Christmas trees twinkling with colorful lights, and eating reindeer-shaped sugar cookies. Oh, and having Ryder Thorne, the man I’ve been in love with for years, working alongside me on my first-ever movie. Ryder is always there for me whenever I need him, courtesy of the promise he made to my brother. But I need Ryder to see me as the woman I am, and not the burden I feel I’ve become. It’s time to show him what he’s missing because this Christmas, I plan to be the only gift on his naughty list.

I just gave my curvy young nanny a night she’ll never forget… My troubled sister left two rugrats I’ve never met on my penthouse doorstep with only a note and backpack between them. Now I’m scrambling around my office for someone to fix this problem. The trouble is, I don’t do kids. I never wanted them… And never will. The terms were simple, bribe her into a nanny position caring for my newly acquired kid problem. I never expected to fall so hard for this half-my-age stunner, but now I find my sweet nanny harder to resist. That first night unleashed an animal in me that’s hungry to satisfy the desire I see in her to be owned. Playing house has affected me in a way I would’ve never predicted—and when we’re wrapped up together, there’s no place else I’d rather be. But now that I know she’s pregnant, I’m not sure about making this game a reality or what kind of daddy I’d be.

As a high-profile Washington lobbyist, Jessica Fury has all the coveted trappings of DC: money, connections, and influence. But five years ago, she had something far more precious: happiness. She shared a firefighting career with her husband and the love of her life, Quaid. Then one day her hazmat team walked into a chemical inferno–and Quaid never walked out. Jessica has been through hell to piece her shattered world back together. Then a rumor surfaces that could bring a miracle or destroy her–again. Q has been a prisoner for as long as he can remember. The men who hold him have honed his mind and body into weapons, and he’s developed abilities no one understands. They wipe out his memory, test him like a lab rat, and lie. Even though his past has been erased and he doesn’t believe he has anything to live for, instinct tells him different: there is a woman out there who needs him. And what his mind can’t remember, his body can’t forget…

She can run, but she can’t hide. Not from him… Quaide Livingston doesn’t regret leaving the FBI for his new undercover job with Sentry. He does, however, miss his former assistant. She ran away, taking her sexy curves and secretary glasses with her. But he will find her. And when he does, he’ll show her exactly who’s boss… Dove Priester loved her former job. But staying wasn’t an option. Not when she was harboring a criminal. And especially not when she kept falling into bed with the hot boss who noticed far too much. Now all she has to do is figure out how to forget him…and all the steamy nights they spent together… She’s in over her head and too stubborn to admit it, not even to the overprotective cowboy who seems so determined to uncover all her secrets. When all is said and done, is happily ever after in the cards for these opposites, or is their forbidden relationship headed for a devastating breaking point?

One secret baby. One single dad. One shot at redemption. Tradd: They called me a rock god, but from where I stood, I looked like a huge loser. My career had always meant everything to me. Music was my life, until I met Lauryn. Though I never planned to get serious, I fell hard, and for no good reason, she suddenly disappeared. Somehow, she had become the music in my life and without her, everything was meaningless. Then I spotted Lauryn at a wedding, and three things happened. I sang her our song to show I loved her still, I learned we had a son, and through some terrible divine intervention, I had one more chance to make everything right. Lauryn: On the rare occasion Tradd shared his thoughts and feelings, it came in the form of a song. Through music, I’d learned he might claim to love me, but he wasn’t ready to settle down. Obviously, I never planned to get pregnant, but when I found out I was, I ran before he could disappoint me. Despite how much I missed him, I’ve done okay being alone, raising our baby, even building a life on the other side of the country. Then when I saw him again, three things happened: we had sex on my desk, I told him about our son, and then I ran again. Everything happens in threes, but he only needed a second chance to make his first love last forever.

Meet Abbie, cubicle dweller by day, blogger by night. Acting as her online diary, the blog features a no-holds-barred, true life, gritty account of her sometimes funny, sometimes painful, often dirty love life. Oh, and she doesn’t always change the names to protect the innocent. After a date with coworker, Toby, she has a new reason to hate Mondays. When the post goes viral, Toby seeks revenge and enlists the help of his buddy Parker to do it. Both guys soon realize when she isn’t bad-mouthing men, she’s pretty likable, maybe even lovable, which really puts a crimp in Toby’s revenge plot. As if her life life and work life colliding aren’t challenging enough, Abbie has a crazy roommate with a vacuuming obsession, a serious problem with alcohol resulting in BUI: blogging under the influence, and a broken heart. All may be fair in love and war, but what happens next will rock the internet and her world.

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