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I never would have guessed a fender-bender would lead to a hot one-night stand in a swanky, Manhattan high-rise with a gorgeous, billionaire… jerk who made me take the walk of shame back to my Brooklyn apartment. After a series of bad luck, and dating losers, you’d think a fresh start would be all I need. Well I really screwed that one up. Owen isn’t just some random silverfox, he’s my new boss –grumpy yet so damn irresistible. At work, I catch his gaze with hunger in his eyes and I can’t seem to get that wild night out of my head. So of course, I said yes when he asked me to the Annual Gala. I assume it’s his way of apologizing for being such a bosshole. But just when things couldn’t get more complicated, imagine my surprise when I find out the real reason he asked me…

A brilliant billionaire boss. A crush she can’t shake. A Christmas she’ll never forget. Ivy Steadman is not in love with her boss. Because first of all, technically speaking, she’s an independent contractor, so he’s not her boss. And second of all, she’s way too professional to fall for someone she works with. Someone it’s her job to sell to the public. Someone who only thinks of her as a colleague, or, at best, a friend. Only a fool would fall for their own marketing like that. Alec Ames is completely in love with his PR Specialist. He’s tried to keep it professional, but there’s no denying the chemistry between him and Ivy. He thinks she just might feel the same way. There’s really only one way to find out. His plan? Sweep her off her feet at the big holiday party he’s throwing for all the employees. He’s got the perfect night planned, from the lush and elegant Christmas decor to the string quartet ready with her favorite holiday song. What could possibly go wrong?

Drink up, drink up. Let me fill your cup with the promise of a man. Creed Trucks has just purchased Pictures of Lily, a sprawling vineyard in Arizona. He’s a quietly confident zaddy, a cunning and suave businessman who gets what he wants. Little does the Silicon Valley magnate know, a crazed grifter moves up and down the red rock valley, extorting and scamming his way from wine cave party to truffle hunt. A top hipster poseur among glitterati and grapes. Into this wild, broad canyon comes the least likely little girl. Patience Bedford is on the run from a murderous husband, a mother who farmed her out to modeling agencies to live the high life. Cops are no help, and even women’s shelters fear to harbor her. Patience goes black, popping up underground near Pure and Easy as office manager for a bud and breakfast owned by The Bare Bones MC. Studying a painting that seems to be of Patience, Creed concludes her true identity, and she comes to work for Pictures of Lily.

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