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Melanie: One job. I had one job. All I had to do was steal a diamond necklace, and I’d be brought into the Hermosa Beach Crime Syndicate’s inner circle. My brother’s murder would not go unpunished. Pull off one heist, and I would be one step closer to bringing down his killers. The problem is someone else wants my spot on the crew. This dangerously sexy and infuriating man is in my way, threatening my chance to avenge my family. And he’s also a distraction I don’t need. Lincoln is smug and cocksure of himself, and I’m falling for him. Maybe quitting college and my job as a barista in Temecula to move north was a spectacularly bad idea, but what choice did I have? The police were no help at all in solving my brother’s slaying. He was all I had in the world, and nobody seems to care but me. Lincoln: I don’t know why I’m letting this woman get to me. Sure, Melanie’s feisty and stunningly gorgeous, but she’s on the wrong side of the law. Except, I can’t stop myself from wanting her despite the law I’ve been sworn to uphold. She’s naïvely playing a game she can’t possibly win. I need to protect her at all costs, even if it means turning her in and losing her forever.

I was paid to protect the rich and famous, but who would protect me? I have been described as a woman of steel and grace, a formidable bodyguard for the extremely wealthy. I had always worked in England and never dreamed I would protect a billionaire from the States. Gideon Young was my new boss. He epitomized charm and power, but I soon found a sinister secret behind the charismatic façade – someone was exposing his company’s secrets. Gideon and I worked closely to find the culprit – a little too closely! As his body melted my defenses and his kisses awoke long-forgotten desires, I could not tell where the work stopped and the pleasure began. If I told Gideon the truth I had found, would he ever love and trust me? Would he protect me from the gun now pointed at us, or would I protect him?

Four sweet and swoony love stories that span all four seasons in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Join Logan and Maddie as they entwine their lives around flying sparks, human traffickers, soul-changing music, past tragedies, and ninja-worthy escapes to find a love that cannot be tamed. (Couple represented on cover) Klint and Jedidiah as they steer clear of a menacing adversary while fighting sizzling chemistry, close proximity, and lofty goals to bake up a quirky and fun future together. Cole and Erica as they survive a naughty puppy, holiday shenanigans, an unconventional arrangement, and hardships only a daredevil can help an introverted, salty southern belle conquer to build an irresistible new life straight from heaven. Gavin and Jade as they use cowboy charm, corporate savvy, and plenty of heart to protect a little peanut and her adorable Maine Coon sidekick from dangerous hitmen all while taking a gamble on love.

Maybe she was the hot pepper sauce I needed in my control-freak pudding personality. My sister’s best friend was a thorn in my side. I’m sure the feelings were mutual. So why were we in my private jet flying into Denver, Colorado? —just the two of us. Ms. Thorn-in-my-side was a wedding planner; of course, she planned my sister’s wedding. While searching for my sister, now a runaway bride, the attraction between Ms. Thorn and me was genuinely unexpected. We fell into this beautiful mess in a snowbank. It seemed like her luscious, curvy body was in my bed one moment, making my dreams come true. All too soon, she was on my phone screen with a gun to her head. I had fallen in love with this woman. Would I be able to save her from whoever had her in their evil clutches?

My plan was to marry the kind of man I write about in my sweet romance novels, not lose my v-card to the ultimate bad boy… my brother’s best friend… Women always line up to be with Travis Ray—a handsome, arrogant, alpha, playboy, rodeo star, and billionaire cattle rancher. I can’t stand Travis, but my brother convinces me to work as his assistant while I get my writing career off the ground. So I meet with Travis, and our banter turns into him challenging me. Then kissing me and taking control of my body in ways I’ve never felt before. But that can’t happen again. He’s now my new boss. As time goes on, I see his caring side. And he continues to look out for me and protect me. So I let him take me on another ride… on his office desk. His intoxicating touch sets my whole body on fire, making it pulse with pleasure. And now—I’m having his baby. The connection between us feels so right, but my head says he’s all wrong for me. So I can’t risk opening my heart to him. Or will Travis prove that he’s everything I’ve always wanted in a man, after all?

My grumpalicious one-night stand is my new boss and my best friend’s father… It was a simple ride home following a life-altering break-up text. The next thing I know, shirts are off, and I’m undone, experiencing the biggest O-MG of my life. Now, two years later, I find out my new boss is Mr. O himself. The trouble is, he’s my best friend’s father, and I can’t resist him. He’s off-limits, hot as hell, and only wants me. His lips pressed against mine pushes my flower to bloom in ways I didn’t know possible. We share a love seen only in fairytales, and my body quakes at the thought of being his princess. But it’s complicated. By giving in to my feelings, I risk losing everything—my job, independence, and my best friend. And now that these two blue lines confirm my greatest fear, I’m forced to break the news and could lose him too.

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