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Davis is the first guy to catch my attention since… hell I don’t even know. Instantly, he made me think and feel things I forgot existed. It has been forever since I put my needs first, so I took the chance and let him light me up from the inside out. Little did I know one night with him would ruin me for all others. But then I got the dreaded call. I rushed out without a second glance, knowing I’d likely never see him again. My son will always come first – Always. Imagine my surprise when Davis walks in and I find he’s the only one who can save my boy. This cannot be happening – I guess it’s time to pull up my big girl panties and see what happens.

She wants freedom. I just want her. But she’s not the girl I’m supposed to marry. She’s the back-up plan. Talk about messy. Her loyalty is to her family and her legacy. Obligation and honor. My loyalty? Well, now I’m not so sure where it lies. I want it to be with her, but she’s determined to make this marriage a business deal. I’m not into that. This whole time she’s been thinking she’s the wrong royal. Joke’s on her. We were the right match from the very beginning.

My plan was to marry the kind of man I write about in my sweet romance novels, not lose my v-card to the ultimate bad boy… my brother’s best friend… Women always line up to be with Travis Ray—a handsome, arrogant, alpha, playboy, rodeo star, and billionaire cattle rancher. I can’t stand Travis, but my brother convinces me to work as his assistant while I get my writing career off the ground. So I meet with Travis, and our banter turns into him challenging me. Then kissing me and taking control of my body in ways I’ve never felt before. But that can’t happen again. He’s now my new boss. As time goes on, I see his caring side. And he continues to look out for me and protect me. So I let him take me on another ride… on his office desk. His intoxicating touch sets my whole body on fire, making it pulse with pleasure. And now—I’m having his baby. The connection between us feels so right, but my head says he’s all wrong for me. So I can’t risk opening my heart to him. Or will Travis prove that he’s everything I’ve always wanted in a man, after all?

All it took was one look at her… The bright red hair. Her flawless skin. Attitude that can’t be tamed. There’s no one else I want for this. Agreeing to marriage is the least of our worries. Because the heart doesn’t care if it’s fake. This was supposed to be easy. Marry her, then get what’s rightfully mine. My father thinks he’ll get everything. And she thinks she’ll be walking away after the contract is fulfilled. I want to shout from the rooftops that she’s mine. And all she wants is to be out of my life. But a year isn’t enough time anymore. She belongs to me. Even if she doesn’t know it. Getting her to agree isn’t as easy as it seems though.

Never mess around with your daughter’s best friend. This is a given. But that didn’t stop me from claiming that brunette kitten for myself. I knew I was screwed when the HR manager at my casino hired her to be my assistant. I kept my distance by being an absolute prick. But her skirts kept getting shorter, and she filled them out so nicely. A guy can only take so much. But I never should have confessed my attraction to her. Because when she told me she felt the same way, she unleashed a beast. I devoured that young beauty like she was a piece of fresh meat. And when the local mafia threatened her to push their way into my casino, I saw red. Nobody messes with what’s mine. I thought I was screwed before. Now I have to tell my daughter that she’s going to be a big sister.

I was married to a monster and my family had arranged it. I hated my life but there was no way out. By chance, my husband had pissed off the wrong people. When they eventually came to kill him, I made a choice. For that, the large, dark-eyed avenging angel kept me alive and allowed me to leave. And I’ve been running ever since. But just when I thought I could breathe, I’m flung back into my old life again. The beast I thought was my saviour, kidnaps me and claims me as his own. Everything in me fights for my freedom. I will not be the victim again. Even if the heated looks and gentle caresses Maxim Romanov gives me relight the fire in my heart I didn’t know was there. I’m feeling for the first time in maybe forever. But when I find out he’s now married to my evil mother, I know there’s no going back for us. Everything I’d started to believe was a lie. Now, all I need to do is keep myself alive so I can escape again. Because I’ll never stop running. Not from him. Or from my traitorous heart.

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