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He’s a billionaire, CEO and a grump with a capital G. I’m his nanny, and now his fake fiancée. The moment I lay my eyes on Bryan in the elevator, I want him to pin me to the wall and devour me. His rock-hard body and huge pecs exude alpha confidence…until he opens his mouth. He’s a cocky a**hole and I learn to keep my distance. I’m content nannying his son until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. A million dollars to act as his fake fiancée. It turns out, Mr. Cocky needs a wife to inherit his family business. They say pretending is supposed to be easy. Only it starts to feel very real. The photo-op kisses turn into scorching flames behind closed doors, and oh my, his ego is not the only huge thing. As our feelings grow deeper, secrets start to unravel and threats loom. But Mr. Cocky Single Dad is growing on me. Maybe this relationship isn’t so fake after all.

Coming to the ranch with Paul was supposed to be an adventure. But he dumped me. Good job his brother Jack was there. Staying at the ranch was my only way to heal. Now I’ve gone beyond healing. I’m happy and free. Jack. Paul’s brooding and grumpy brother, owner of the ranch. My heart races every time he’s near. But he’s off limits. Our bodies intertwined on that one stormy morning. There’s more to Jack than meets the eye. He’s a mystery I want to unravel. But he’s got a lot of secrets. My heart isn’t ready for another heartbreak. I should walk away. Will our love story end before it begins?

One minute I had a cushy job as an assistant to one of Earth’s intergalactic ambassadors. Now I’m stuck on Planet Xaxos with a seven-foot alien overlord. I don’t know what’s bigger, his muscles, his retractable horns or…his ego.Rone Azulim is used to being in charge. He lords over a whole planet and fleet of soldiers. My planet wants to form an alliance. He will only do so if I stay with him. As his mate. If Rone thinks I’m going to give up my independence to become his earthly arm candy, he’s out of his mind. I don’t care if his powerful voice and talented golden hands send thrills down my spine. It’ll take more than his dominant ways to make me submit. But we have more problems besides seeing whose will is strongest. Another alien species is planning an attack on Xaxos’ capital. If they’re not stopped, Earth will be next. Can I find a way to get out of this mission? Or will I trust Rone enough to want to stay with him…forever?

Jason – See no evil. It started when I bribed my ex-girlfriend’s boss to fire her so she could work for me. Now the sparks and secrets between us may cost me everything. Caramel-kissable Kendis was mine in high school. She’s bubbly and feisty with pouty lips that belong to me. Kendis’ unique skills defend against cyber threats. But that isn’t the only electricity between us. When she looks at me, her eyes glaze over in delicious lust or soft affection. But her presence could threaten everything I’ve built. Her past haunts our second chance together by sabotaging my company. I’m launching a political campaign based on my business savvy. But now I have to win back clients and investors. I want to protect her from the ghosts of the past, be the most powerful man in the room, and have Kendis on my desk. Or anywhere I want. So, I need powerful allies to help stack the odds in my favor. My secrets may sabotage my future with her or be the key to getting everything I’ve ever wanted.

Sage: The ultimate betrayal on his face when he sees that plug in my hand shatters my cybernetic heart. Helpless, my world turns to chaos, and I spiral downward, crushed by my very own actions. Scout: Trying to be the hero, I lost it all without even knowing it. The world went on without me. However, our love proved to be stronger, and apparently the gods were not done with me yet. With me gone, an unlikely partnership forms risking it all to bring me back, but will it be me, or something else that emerges.

“I want to make you smile like you mean it.” The day Cole Lannington says those words to me, I already know I’m falling. Hard. For a man I can never have. Because there’s no way in hell I’ll ever deserve a man like him. Annie: All I need to do is keep my head above water. Push a little harder. Keep that smile plastered on my face for my son as we try to wade through the new life that’s threatening to drown us both. But on the first day I can’t seem to hold it all together, I meet him. And for some reason, he comes to my aid. Before I know it, Cole steps in and becomes an important part of my life. Our lives. Fills a void left vacant by a man who never wanted to fill it in the first place. Too bad he can never be more than a friend. Cole: All I need to do is be a nice guy to my new neighbor. Make her smile a little bit. Find space in my tidy, structured life to ease the burden she carries so she and her son can enjoy life without the bastard who treated them like they were insignificant. I don’t expect to talk and laugh and feel a warmth in my chest I didn’t know was missing until she showed up at my door. Somehow I end up caring about her more deeply than I should. But my friendship with Annie opens my eyes to what it could be like to have something deeper. To feel something stronger. To fall in love like I mean it. 

When a mysterious client hires seasoned supernatural hunter Artemis to track a rare creature, she never expects to stumble upon a terrifying web of illegal experiments and dangerous hybrid monsters. Forced to join forces with her rival Declan, Artemis finds herself battling threats she never imagined in a desperate bid to expose the truth. Can Artemis and Declan take down the shadowy forces exploiting paranormal hybrids without losing their own humanity? Or will the dark experiments succeed in creating an unstoppable new breed of monsters?

Reina longs to be free from the watchful gaze of her mother. Her time at Crestwood University is her chance to spread her wings and find out who she really is. When she meets her roommate’s hot older brother, she can’t help but be attracted to him, but she also can’t risk her heart. She’s been taught her whole life that love is a risk you shouldn’t take. She challenges him to write her real, old-fashioned letters while he’s overseas. To her surprise, he complies. But with each letter they exchange, she falls a little deeper. Can she really place all her trust in this soldier? Brian: Reina’s letters kept me alive and gave me hope during the worst days of my life. I thought of nothing but the day I could get back to the states and see my sister’s roommate. She’s everything I’ve always wanted and more. She’s scared to take a chance on us, but I know I can make her see differently. I have to, because she’s become the object of my obsession…

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