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Rules single dads should never break… 1. Don’t hire your best friend’s little sister. 2. Don’t let her move in. 3. DON’T get her pregnant. I hired Gen to be my live-in chef, not my future baby mama. She’s supposed to be baking me a cake. Now I’m the one putting a bun in her oven. Between business deals and bedtime stories with my 10 year old baby girl, my plate is full. Definitely, don’t have time to be playing patty cake with the chef. It’s only for three months. I got this. But somehow, late nights in the kitchen have me lifting her onto the island and tasting what she has to offer. If the appetizer is this good I can’t wait for the main course. So when an ex shows up to threaten her life, he’ll find just how far this Daddy Warbucks will go to protect what’s his. Nobody messes with daddy’s girls… Not when a second helping of fatherhood is on the way.

A steamy, intense one-night stand with my maddening billionaire boss results in a baby. He has ocean blue-green eyes and looks at me with a promise of danger. His intoxicating fragrance weakens me, making me yearn for more. His commanding presence, chiseled jawline, six-pack abs, and muscular biceps fuel my hunger. Stuck in a storm together, we can’t keep our hands off each other. He pinned me against the wall while I was screaming his name. We simultaneously hit the “BIG O.” We are like oil and water. He is bossy and arrogant. He fires assistants as often as he changes his lavish suits, and I could be next. The wealthy heartthrob keeps things from me. With a tiny miracle growing inside me, I had no clue how he would react. Our hidden secrets may jeopardize “us.”

Which is easier, pretending to date my best friend, or pretending not to be in love with him? When the biggest career opportunity of my life–my own home reno TV show–sends me back to my hometown, I’m less than excited. Paradise, Idaho might be paradise for everyone else, but it never was for me. Except for my best friend, Zach. When he signs on to be a contractor on my show, things start to look up. And heat up. If only Zach wasn’t about to propose to someone else. Even my rocking curves and great hair can’t compete with that. Problem is, my fans think we’re a thing and want to see us together. And my show’s producers want what the fans want. My TV show is about to become my fantasy–a love story about Zach and me. But TV is the only place where the story can be true. Telling Zach how I feel means risking my business, and even worse, our friendship. I could lose everything. Including the one person I want more than anything.

My mouth can’t get me in trouble if three wicked bikers are keeping it busy. My whole life I’ve felt like an extra in someone else’s movie. Just once, I want to be the main character. The one who gets all the attention. The one that exciting and amazing things happen to. Maybe I shouldn’t have wished so hard. All I wanted at the gas station was a blue raspberry slushie, but what I got was a terrifying shootout. Members of the Screaming Eagles MC, the most notorious motorcycle club in the city, gunned down a man in broad daylight. I was given one warning: keep my mouth shut. They might as well have asked a fish to climb a tree. Now I’m the key witness in a murder investigation that’s smelling fishier by the day. Without me, the case will fall apart, which makes me the most wanted woman in the city, and the Screaming Eagles aren’t going to just patiently wait for their day in court. What they want, they get. In their world, the old rules don’t apply anymore. The people I was taught to trust are the enemies, and three criminals hold my life in their rough, callused hands. Hands that are as good at making me forget my own name as they are at (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A runaway bride and the grumpy mountain man whose cabin she’s forced to spend the night in… Allie: I’ve spent my life pleasing my parents. But I can’t go through with the wedding they’ve planned for me. I run into the woods and straight into Hans, the hot ski instructor who’s nothing like the corporate prince my parents would have married me off to. We’ve met before. Two years ago he kissed me, and my world hasn’t been the same since. Too bad he doesn’t remember, because I’ve spent the last two years thinking of nothing else. Hans: Two years ago I kissed Allie, and my world shifted… until her mother forced us apart and made it clear I was no match for her daughter. When I see her again, she’s running through the snow in a flimsy wedding dress and no damn shoes. I should send her straight back to her family, but there’s a storm coming, and it’s too tempting to be snowed in with the runaway bride. But I won’t be Allie’s rebound. She broke my heart once, and I won’t be fooled twice.

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