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He’s a billionaire, CEO and a grump with a capital G. I’m his nanny, and now his fake fiancée. The moment I lay my eyes on Bryan in the elevator, I want him to pin me to the wall and devour me. His rock-hard body and huge pecs exude alpha confidence…until he opens his mouth. He’s a cocky a**hole and I learn to keep my distance. I’m content nannying his son until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. A million dollars to act as his fake fiancée. It turns out, Mr. Cocky needs a wife to inherit his family business. They say pretending is supposed to be easy. Only it starts to feel very real. The photo-op kisses turn into scorching flames behind closed doors, and oh my, his ego is not the only huge thing. As our feelings grow deeper, secrets start to unravel and threats loom. But Mr. Cocky Single Dad is growing on me. Maybe this relationship isn’t so fake after all.

I had a feeling this was the year I’d finally fall in love—I just didn’t know it would be with the grumpy, grinchy single dad who takes over running the Pineville Christmas tree farm. Mazie: I’ve never been worried about not finding “the one.” I’ve always believed I’d recognize him the moment I see him, so as my friends got married, I continued to build my pop-up gift business until he shows up. Now at 35, I’ve checked off two of my top three goals: purchasing my first house and opening a storefront. And I’m confident the third one will happen just in time for the holiday season. But first, I’m committed to one more pop-up at the tree farm. He’d given me my first shot ten years ago, and I would not let the aging owner down. Only this year Sheridan’s son is running the farm and I literally run into him on the first day. Not a great way to make a first impression, but oh, what an impression he made on me. Walker: I never wanted what my cantankerous old man spent more time working on than with his family, so when he leaves me his tree farm, I scramble to make it work until I can find a buyer and fast. Christmas is my least favorite time of the year and I (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Derek’s world is about to change forever—again. After his father’s stroke, Derek Weston dropped out of college and returned home to help his parents with the family business, Oak Landing Apartments. Now living on the premises as the groundskeeper and handyman, he never expected the girl he’d secretly crushed on in high school to move into a unit right before Christmas or stir up desires he thought long gone. Krista Hartley needs a fresh start away from her overbearing parents, but falling for the tattooed hottie who ignored her back in school wasn’t in the plans. Despite old hurts, Derek’s hot kisses and strong arms offer the shelter she craves. When another woman sets her sight on Derek and drives a wedge between him and Krista, they’ll have to decide if their relationship is real, or just a winter fling.

Sacrifice. Valor. Patriotism. They fought courageously on the battlefield, now they’re fighting for love. We are a group of Veterans and Veterans’ family members! We put our group together to publish a yearly limited edition, military holiday romance collection that also supports military / veteran related charities. Heroes, Holidays, and Hope Volume 1 supports Fisher House (comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital). Our goal is to raise $3000 (or more) during our yearlong campaign. The stories in Volume1 are contemporary military romance, taking place during the cold weather holiday months. Various tropes and steam levels are part of this “must have” collection and it’s only available for 6 months after launch day, then it’s gone for good as we prepare for Volume 2! Pick up your copy today (gift some copies too!) – together we can make a huge difference. Participating authors include: Laura M. Baird, Laurie Ryan, Lynn Spangler, Sadira Stone, Dania Voss.

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