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A mail-order bride contract with a rescue clause — brave cowboys sworn to defend and protect any bride who runs into trouble during her journey west. Hot-Tempered Hannah: A bounty hunter is searching for a missing mail-order bride who looks identical to the only woman he’s ever loved. If she’s truly still alive, she must have faked her own death. Leaving him precious little time to track her down before the past she’s been running from finally catches up to her, and he loses her again…this time for good! Cold-Feet Callie: A runaway bride meets the cowboy of her dreams, but just doesn’t realize it yet. When his mail-order bride is kidnapped by highwaymen on her journey west, he rides to rescue her — only to discover she never intended to follow through with their marriage contract in the first place! Fiery Felicity: When love and the law collide… With an unscrupulous financial firm trying to steal his ranch and his sister badgering him to get married, he decides the quickest way to solve both problems is to advertise for a mail-order bride with a background in law. Misunderstood Meg: A lonely federal marshal working undercover, a wealthy heiress posing as a mail-order bride, a marriage of convenience that turns out to be (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Meet Bailey Matthews, the vibrant and talented event planner whose infectious enthusiasm fuels the annual Flamingo Cove Halloween Festival. Amidst the glowing pumpkins and ghostly decorations, Bailey is set to create a magical experience for the town’s residents, but little does she know that something far more sinister is about to disrupt the festivities. As the FBI receives an urgent tip about a notorious wanted bomber hiding in Flamingo Cove, they know time is of the essence. Enter Special Agent Griffin Decker, a seasoned investigator with a brooding charm that matches his relentless dedication to the job. Tasked with apprehending the dangerous fugitive, Griffin arrives in the picturesque town, his focus on the mission unwavering. Fate, however, has other plans as Bailey and Griffin’s paths intertwine under the moonlit autumn skies. As the Halloween Festival reaches a crescendo, the dark shadows of the past and present collide, and Bailey inadvertently becomes a target in the bomber’s twisted game. Racing against time, Griffin must safeguard the woman who has captured his heart.

No more workplace romance for her! A rising star at a small-town dinner theater, Hope Isaacson has big plans for the future. Plans that don’t involve dating on the job. She tried that once, and it ended in disaster. But when a good friend and coworker begs her to serve as his plus one at a family holiday celebration, she decides to make an exception. Just this once. After being tragically widowed, Roman Rios has no interest in dating again. So a onetime date with his just-a-friend coworker feels like the perfect way to get his matchmaking sister off his back. One excuse leads to another, and their fake relationship extends to a second date and a third. Both of them are suddenly dying to know where their unexpected attraction might lead.

I’m carrying the next-door billionaire’s baby. Three months earlier… My beautiful white Vera Wang dragged behind me. My old dirty Nike high tops soaked. I run to Mystic, Connecticut, otherwise known as Small Town, USA. It is quiet and nice, if not a little boring. And then the hot neighbor moves in. Archer Steele. Not only does he look like a superhero, but he is also named like one. A Former Navy SEAL with dark hair, a strong jawline, and amazing abs. Oh, and come to find out, he’s my boss at the bar where I started working. His beautiful green eyes have been on me since he moved in. But when my dangerous past comes knocking at my door, will Archer be there to save me… Our unborn child and I need him now more than ever.

Spook: She was the right girl at the right time. Heather showed up at the lowest point in my life. She saved me from ruin. As a boy, I grew obsessed. As a man, I’m downright possessive. Until one night when the past catches up and forces us apart. My heart refuses to recover. I need to fix this, but I’m running out of time. Nothing is as it seems. The devil likes to play tricks, especially on All Hallow’s Eve. I’m a Royal Bastards MC prospect, not a pawn in his game. This Halloween, I’ll prove I have what it takes to ride with the Reaper. Then I’ll claim my beautiful, wicked treat, and Heather will be mine. Heather: I was the right girl at the wrong time. The story of my life. Taken as a small child, I faced evil. My world shattered. Rescued by a gang of bikers, it forever changed. I became an MC princess who hid a dark secret. When I met the new boy with a nervous tick and soulful eyes, I knew he was the only one who could make me whole again. But when the past returns and I’m forced to face my demons, Can Spook save me from myself?

Ex-boyfriend’s brother, bosses, brother’s bestie, and irresistibly hot billionaires? You’ll encounter all of them within the pages of this must-have scintillating stand-alone Billionaire’s Bossing It Contemporary Romance Collection! **1. My Ex’s Grumpy Brother:** Coming to Jack’s ranch with Paul was supposed to be an adventure. But he dumped me soon after we arrived. Good job his brother Jack was there. Staying at the ranch and not returning to New York was my only way to heal. Now I’ve gone beyond healing. I’m happy and free. My heart races every time Jack’s near. He’s Paul’s brooding and grumpy brother, owner of the ranch. Our bodies intertwined on that one stormy morning. He’s a mystery I want to unravel. But he’s got a lot of secrets and my heart isn’t ready for another heartbreak.

Our past bore scars etched in fire and passion, the kind that burns eternally. Ryder, my brother’s best friend, the chiseled embodiment of my dreams, had been both my ecstasy and torment. Fate’s cruel hand once drove us apart, but the universe had different designs for us that sunlit day. The allure between us rekindled like a smoldering ember at the touch of a lover’s breath. Our bodies magnetized, our souls converged, and our history threatened to repeat it’s tumultuous refrain. Yet, hidden in Ryder’s gaze were secrets he dared not unveil, and in my heart, a labyrinth of fear I had yet to conquer. A revelation from his shadowed past loomed like a thunderhead on our horizon, and a cruel misunderstanding threatened to cleave us apart.

Eight years ago, I was supposed to marry her. Instead, I destroyed her family and then abandoned her. Broken and hurt, she delivered me a savage blow in return. Naturally, that should have been the end of us. Except that I still want her. Even after all these years, memories of her linger in a mix of pain and desire. And now the sassy girl who once set my world on fire is suddenly in my city, curating art she has no idea that she inspired. Her body still ignites under my touch, but her eyes hold a cold, hard resolve to never re-engage with her family’s arch-enemy. To prove to Sabrina that I’m not the monster she believes me to be, I’m determined to confront the past she avoids at all costs. In my relentless pursuit for answers, I uncover a web of lies and deceit so shocking, it threatens to tear us apart again.

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