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When pressure from a big city developer to sell the ranch turns dangerous, there is only one option for Luke. A fake engagement to his best friend’s little sister and secret Ex Lexi Barrows! To persuade the town of their ruse Lexi is forced to move in with Luke, to his Montana ranch. Just as old feelings reignite it turns out Luke and Lexi weren’t the only ones keeping secrets. Deep in the belly of this small town lies a secret that connects both of their families to a much more sinister mystery. With time running out and the corporate giants circling. Will the labyrinth of lies strengthen their bond, or divide the families at their roots.

He’s rich, gorgeous and off limits. And I am quickly becoming his secret lover. Adam Walker is my best friend’s dad and like no dad I had ever met before. I was drawn to him the instant our eyes met. It was fierce and forbidden. I am falling hard and fast against my better judgment. I didn’t expect him to pursue me, to want me, to shower me with luxuries beyond my imagination. I can’t stop daydreaming of me wrapped in his strong, protective arms where nothing can touch me and everything is perfect. But now I’m pregnant, an accident, a surprise from my ex before he skipped town, No! I don’t want to tell Adam or my best friend that I might be pregnant, but this is a secret I am not sure I can keep. Will he rescue me from this nightmare or will history repeat itself?

Wounded soldier Adam is literally the man of Alyssa’s dreams! Adam: I found the perfect angel in my dreams. But she’s nowhere to be found when I wake up in the hospital. I know our love is real, but I don’t know how to find her… or even where to start looking. Alyssa: Was it fate that brought Adam to my dreams just before Halloween? Or maybe I’m going crazy and my subconscious decided a sexy military guy was the way to go? My brain says he can’t be real. But my heart? That says I need to get on a plane and go find him… now.

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