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Falling for a ‘Silver Fox’ is one thing, but when that silver fox is your dad’s best friend…things can get very complicated. Paul Morgan chose me to be his baby’s surrogate. And my dad can never find out. But that’s not the only secret I’ve been keeping. Yes, we have this unspoken agreement to keep this surrogate thing platonic. But his kindness and this baby are forcing me to be so close to him. The sparks between us are undeniable. I try to keep this to myself, but my entire body tingles when he touches me. I can’t stop thinking about wrapping my arms around his neck to kiss him. I could blame it on the heightened hormones because when our lips touch, all of our inhibitions are released. But all I can think about now is…When my secrets come out my dad is going to flip.

The strangest summer job ever: Dad hired me to cook and clean for the most prestigious author at his publishing company. Oh, and lightly bully him to make sure the final book of his phenomenal sci-fi series was progressing. Darien was almost the same age as Dad, but he was gorgeous, sexy, and helped me explore the sensual side I’d ignored for too long. Things got more than cozy by the fireplace (and the hot tub) as we were isolated together. Darien was just as powerful and direct as his characters. It felt incredible to let him take control. But also like his characters, the only way we’d have a future together is if the book was finally written so that we could discuss our own storyline.

Wren is a devoted mother, a passionate inventor, and someone who never thought love would find a way into her busy life. Her world shatters when her husband’s betrayal leaves her abandoned and humiliated. Determined to rebuild her life, she becomes a toy inventor, catching the eye of New York’s influential figures. But the scars of betrayal linger. This holiday season, she’s racing against the clock to make her son’s Christmas wish come true: a replica of a competitor’s coveted toy ship. The catch? She needs the help of Oscar Parker, a dashing inventor who’s as brilliant as he is charming. Oscar has his own hurt, and together, they navigate the path to healing and love. As Wren and Oscar collaborate to bring joy to her son’s heart, they discover something unexpected—a connection that ignites like the warmest Christmas hearth. Will Oscar be able to thaw Wren’s icy heart, or will rumors and lies tear them apart? 

I’m pregnant with my ex’s brother’s baby. The plan was to avoid anything related to my ex-boyfriend Jacob Cane by leaving my hometown of Braven Bay. But fate had other plans. I crossed paths with his older brother, Nate, in the Windy City. Nate is a former Marine and firefighter with forest green eyes and an incredible body. Nate is not only in the same city as me, he’s also my neighbor. And… He doesn’t like me. He holds animosity towards me from years earlier when fate first brought us together. It doesn’t stop the electricity we both feel. As we become closer, Jacob’s sense of betrayal complicates the situation. We must find a way to navigate it as we move forward with our lives and our child.

Finn: I haven’t been able to forget my sister-in-law’s best friend since I met her. Aiyana is way younger than me but the zoo vet has the hottest curves I’ve ever seen. And like me, she’s only interested in casual relationships, which seems like the perfect Christmas present. But one day with her is enough for my heart to fall. How do I convince this commitment shy beauty that I’m worthy of her trust?

He is my grumpy gorgeous boss… and TOTALLY off-limits. I had one job— take care of his kids until my mother was able to again. Nothing more, nothing less. Then I watched him interact with them and the way that Armani suit hugged his body had my heart racing. His confidence is unlike anything I’ve seen. He invades my thoughts, whether I’m dreaming or awake. It’s beyond wrong, but one kiss has me aching for more and now I’m going against everything my mother told me to do. I know I’m in trouble, especially when his past comes back to haunt him and jeopardizes everything we’ve built. There’s no turning back now though, not when my heart is involved. Will he finally choose me or will I leave with a shattered heart?

Off-Limits Billionaire Bosses Boxed Set

Secret Baby for My Off-Limits Billionaire: After a messy divorce, I leave romance in my rearview mirror. I have my son to think about and I need to put him first. Then Kylie Roberts stumbles into my life and shifts my world on its axis. She’s my new personal assistant and totally off-limits. But this vibrant, younger woman leaves me wanting more every time I see her. I’m on the verge of having it all. Then my ex demands custody of my son, using my budding relationship with Kylie as a weapon. Now I’m faced with an impossible choice – risk losing custody or risk losing Kylie. When the threats become too much to bear, Kylie flees town. With the stakes higher than ever, only one thing is certain. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

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