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Pris: My move to Broken Bend was supposed to be the start of a new life… a life free from the demands and threats of an evil man. Then Bison barges into my house on a dark, stormy night, and everything changes. He’s gruff and grumbly and gorgeous, and as much as I try to fight the heat between us, I’m helpless against it. Bison: I’ve got a plan. Keep my head down and work my butt off until I have enough cash to open my own motorcycle garage. Then I meet Priscilla. Not only is the curvy goddess my new neighbor, she’s my new co-worker too. The more time we spend together, the more convinced I am that she’s hiding something. But now that I’ve found her, I won’t let anything come between us. She’s mine. Mine to protect, mine to claim, and mine to love.

She’s a city girl who’s never set foot on a ranch in her life. But her hot cowboy boss doesn’t need to know that… I came to the small town of Winterdale looking for a fresh start, and working as a ranch hand for a grumpy cowboy is about as fresh as it gets for a girl who grew up in an LA mansion. My boss, Holt Ryder, is ruggedly handsome and wears a scowl as often as he wears his cowboy hat—which is always. It doesn’t take long for him to snare my heart, but I’m not who he thinks I am. Will this gruff alpha cowboy still want me when he finds out the truth?

School is in session, and the lessons are rock hard! She wants to write about the domme and my world. And I’m supposed to teach her, not take her. But her feisty manner begs to be tamed. Her innocence begs to be taken. I know my whip can bring her into submission. Her young body begs for my harsh and experienced touch. I’ll train her to accept pain to gain pleasure. The seclusion is temporary, as is our contract. But what if I want something more permanent? I’m not supposed to fall for my subs but I seem to be breaking all my own rules…

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