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He masters fileting fish. She’s skilled at taking down monsters. Will their instant attraction put them dangerously high on a scaly creature’s radar? Celebrity chef Bruce Kantor isn’t known as “The Bastard” for nothing. And after his short fuse explodes on the job, he rage-quits yet another gig and wanders into a local karaoke bar in search of some liquid consolation. But when his walk home is ambushed by a sharp-toothed creature, he’s shocked when the beautiful singer he was eyeing from his barstool springs to his rescue. Vee Ramirez plays as hard as she works. So the Company’s commanding officer gladly mixes up her rare downtime by belting out tequila-fueled tunes… until she spots a vicious beast stalking a hapless civilian for supper. But when the dragon-like being evades her counterattack, she has no choice but to cart away the ungrateful citizen and secure him at her carefully hidden compound. Refusing to play helpless damsel to the fierce fighter and her team, Bruce struggles to adapt to a lifestyle way less luxurious than he’s used to—and his growing hots for a woman his polar opposite. And though she’s confused by how (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Duke Thomas Cavendish of Chatsworth, the off-limits rake next door, may be rich and powerful, but Lady Eleanor brands him an enemy from the start. Lady Eleanor La Croix is the epitome of sauciness and pretends not to be a damsel in distress. After her father’s death, her family emigrated from France to London with one goal: To find the perfect rich husband for her eldest sister, who could also care for her family. Thomas Cavendish is a bored duke with a secret. He sees no purpose in life until his eyes land on a feisty young woman in one of his underground wrestling matches. He’s immediately attracted to her like a moth to a flame, and it doesn’t help that her tongue is as sharp as a two-edged sword. Sparks fly between them as they parry their feelings for each other and try to dismiss their undeniable attraction. Masquerading a relationship is a means to an end, but risks bewildering the heart. Falling in love is at stake, but love is all that matters…if their love is true.

Off-Limits Billionaire Bosses Boxed Set

Secret Baby for My Off-Limits Billionaire: After a messy divorce, I leave romance in my rearview mirror. I have my son to think about and I need to put him first. Then Kylie Roberts stumbles into my life and shifts my world on its axis. She’s my new personal assistant and totally off-limits. But this vibrant, younger woman leaves me wanting more every time I see her. I’m on the verge of having it all. Then my ex demands custody of my son, using my budding relationship with Kylie as a weapon. Now I’m faced with an impossible choice – risk losing custody or risk losing Kylie. When the threats become too much to bear, Kylie flees town. With the stakes higher than ever, only one thing is certain. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Entering a fake engagement contract to a grumpy billionaire football coach for the sake of his adorable daughter may have been the plan, but now it seems all too real. As a football team’s nurse, I’ve strived to keep a professional working relationship with the team players, especially with the grumpy, jaw-dropping handsome head coach, Thomas Everlyn. That is, until he kisses me. Now I can’t get him out of my mind. When his daughter falls severely ill and wishes for a mom, he proposes an engagement contract. Out of my love for the little girl, I can’t say no. But as we break the contract rules one by one with passionate kisses and steamy nights, the line begins to blur. I’m ready to tear up the contract and make our engagement real. But if he only sees me as a replacement, my heart will be shattered.

One billionaire with a guilty secret. Two decades of family feuds. Three words I never thought I’d say: “My Fake Fiancée.” Julia Cane—the woman my family wronged. She’s the last person I ever expected to need. With a contract to win, a daughter to protect, and my reputation on the line, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Sophie safe including getting into a fake relationship. Julia’s my reluctant partner. Sparks begin to fly as we both attend an elite masked ball, and we’re playing with fire. I can’t help but wonder if our charade could turn into something real. Julia’s my salvation and my biggest temptation. I want to protect her from our haunted past, but I also want her in my arms. Can she find it in her heart to forgive, or are we doomed to let the past tear us apart once more?

Grumpy cosmetic surgeon for a boss ? Check. A history of heated arguments? Check. Stepping into the Austin clinic, I never expected to see my man from my past. Oh Brad, he hasn’t changed a bit. He still dismisses my concerns, yet somehow makes my heart race wondering why… We share little common ground, as expected in any intergenerational pairing. His wealth and influence, a stark contrast to my humble aspirations. His career is at its peak, while I embark on mine. But why does he always try to find a way to scrutinize my every opinion? It’s frustrating how he consistently manages to have things go his way with me. The way his piercing blue eyes set my nerves on edge, sparks both irritation and desire… This unattainable bachelor, with layers I can’t resist, is testing my resolve. I’m on the fence, torn between falling for him and chasing my career dreams If only I can let go of the past to seize the second chance he offers.

This collection contains: A Touch of Moonlight, Lustre of Twilight, and Before Daybreak novellas in the Love Bitten series plus three brand-new epilogues. 

A Touch of Moonlight: Liam Bancroft thought he’d lost his chance at happiness more than five hundred years ago. He was positive his childhood friend was meant to be his consort and devastated when she rejected him. He learned of her death before having the chance to touch her and gave up all hope. Amaia Greene learned that vampires existed three years ago. She’s been looking forward to being claimed as a daywalker’s consort ever since. Can Amaia live with being Liam’s second choice?

Lustre of Twilight: Jareth Bancroft doubted he’d be one of the daywalkers who was lucky enough to find his destined consort. More than five hundred years of searching had yielded nothing. But one touch proved him wrong in the very best way. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A gipsy fortuneteller predicted I had three years to find true love in a foreign land, away from home. But not in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d end up falling in love with a smoking hot rockstar from Southern California… I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark-eyed, handsome guitar players. Now, I’m dating one. Cal is a famous rock star from Southern California, and I accidentally matched with him on Tender. When he passionately explores my naked body and makes love to me, he takes me to paradise. However, when he flirts with his cute neighbor or forbids me to touch his ugly, I’m in agony and fear I have made the wrong choice. Cal’s unpredictable nature keeps me on my toes. He showers me with gifts and love on one day, but on the next, he acts as if I’m his worst enemy and turns cold. As if his dark past and emotional scars won’t let him open his heart again and love a woman. As if he is a complex riddle that I cannot solve. The quartz crystal gifted to me by the gypsy fortuneteller seems to agree with it. It’s supposed to turn pink when I find true love, but it stays white. That is the reason why Tender is still installed on my phone, and I keep on swiping left and right. Tender is my trusted friend, my accomplice, and a contingency (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

She’s single. He’s single. They can be single—and STEAMY—together. Declan Finch has already proved his worth to the WEST Protection team. Now with the holidays here, he is called to help with a big charity bash on the ranch. Watching over rich people should be a breeze, but suddenly he’s looking out for—and hooking up with—a quirky loner attending the couples’ event. Somehow the weather feels much warmer now that he’s cozying up to Belle… After an ugly breakup, Belle attends a charity weekend to raise money for the families of special needs kids. But once she spots her ex and his new fiancée, her relaxing getaway is about to be ruined…at least until she finds that saving a horse and riding a hot cowboy might be just the fix she’s been looking for. With enough heat between them to melt the Montana snow, Declan and Belle discover that dark activities are shadowing the party. With danger lurking around the corner, they fight to uncover the truth before someone sabotages WEST Protection. Working together brings a whole new level to Declan and Belle’s Christmas playtime, leaving them both wondering if this relationship isn’t so fake after all. 

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