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We’re taught fate knows all. That it leads you down a certain path because that’s where you’re meant to be. But what if whoever is waiting for you at the end of it chooses not to accept your combined destiny and instead fights it? The authors in this series have decided to find out. Remy: She was my life, my Fated Mate, until a long forgotten family curse made me choose between her love or her life. Jade: He was my Fated Mate, my endless love, but when he rejected me, my life was thrown into chaos. Running away was my only choice.

A hot wildlife veterinarian who’s as prickly as a porcupine. A hotel concierge who just wants to keep everybody happy. And the twin switch that will force them together for a week of hilarious chaos and slow-burn chemistry. Ambitious London hotel concierge, Becca Stratton, has put her people-pleasing superpower to good use, building a career that has her on the fast-track to hospitality greatness. But her powers are put to the test when she’s called home to South Africa to step into her identical twin’s uber-glam stilettos…literally. All she has to do is masquerade as TV presenter Gem for seven days, rehabbing her sister’s celebrity image after a social media disaster. Seven days doing community service at a rustic wildlife sanctuary to save her twin’s career? Easy. Except that Becca’s powers have deserted her, and instead of repairing the damage, she’s now the one causing it…right in front of the sanctuary’s surly, smug, and far too attractive head vet, Dr Sullivan Scott, who gets a huge kick out of watching ‘Gem’ fail. As one hilarious disaster follows the next and the sparks ignite between Becca and Sully, she’s forced to choose between risking her twin’s career, or continuing to lie to the man she’s falling for. 

With one simple favor, I fell for the sexiest woman in the world – my best friend’s daughter. Lena is gorgeous. Sweet, sensual, fascinating. An angel who should not be staying with a much older, rough man, even if it’s at her Dad’s request. Protecting Lena for a few days should solve her stalker problem. He’ll take one look at my size and back off. If he shows his face, I’ll end him. I shouldn’t feel this possessive, this wild about a girl I barely know. She’s already mine. I’ll do anything to save her from her fears. But who will save Lena from my obsession?

He left me with two things. One, an uncontrollable desire to be with him. And, two an unexpected baby bump. Clearly, a lot had changed. I see him now as more than just my brother’s best friend. With his deep voice and masculine beard that’s hard to ignore. And he definitely notices how much I grew up. In spite of my overprotective brother that watches me like a hawk and our ten-year age difference. Still, he knows that I am supposed to be off limits, but the chemistry between us is too hard to restrain. Which is why we had an unforgettable night that will probably mold the rest of our lives. I want to be with him but my brother may put an end to this relationship even before it begins.

She swore she’d never fall in love again. But now he’s the only one who can protect her. Detective Gabriel Logan is a tough and talented cop whose charms have gotten him out of more than a few sticky situations – but after he catches wind on the streets that a hit has been put out on a local woman, he becomes determined to protect her. No-nonsense Dr. Addison Monroe’s string of heartbreaks led her to swear off romance… But just one look at her drives Logan insane. After she refuses his offer for protection, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands to unmask the shadowy culprit and keep her from harm’s way. But every passing day puts Addison in more danger. As their enemies close in and sparks begin to fly, Logan will need to use all his training to keep his cool and avoid letting his burning desires for Addison spiral into a wildfire. Can he unravel the mystery before a killer can get to the woman he’s beginning to love? And will their unlikely partnership ignite a passion between them that neither will be able to resist?

She was sure nothing would ever happen between them…right until the moment he spread her out on his desk. Ellie’s children had been her only priority since her husband left her for a younger woman. Nearly two years later, she was still getting back on her feet when Dr. Finn Moore offered her a job at his veterinary clinic. Finn’s motives weren’t completely professional. He hadn’t been able to get the single mom out of his head since he first laid eyes on her. Now Ellie couldn’t stop thinking about him, either. She tried reminding herself that her boss could have any woman in town, but that didn’t stop the attraction. Giving into lust and red-hot attraction by letting her boss into her panties was one thing. Ellie wasn’t sure she could trust him with her heart, not when her children’s happiness was also at stake.

My revenge is so close I can almost taste it. All I have to do is go undercover, make Charlotte Weston fall in love with me, and discover her dad’s secrets to finally put him behind bars. Sounds easy, right? I’m a charming guy and an excellent agent. Except it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Charlotte isn’t the dumb heiress I was expecting and she’s definitely not ready to get swept-off her feet. She’s smart, she’s feisty, and she hates me at first sight. As I put my plan in motion—which involves getting shirtless more than necessary, a secluded cabin in the woods, karaoke nights, and a fake broken car—I start to get lost in the lie I created and question the entire operation. What if I found love when I was seeking revenge?

This collection contains: A Touch of Moonlight, Lustre of Twilight, and Before Daybreak novellas in the Love Bitten series plus three brand-new epilogues. 

A Touch of Moonlight: Liam Bancroft thought he’d lost his chance at happiness more than five hundred years ago. He was positive his childhood friend was meant to be his consort and devastated when she rejected him. He learned of her death before having the chance to touch her and gave up all hope. Amaia Greene learned that vampires existed three years ago. She’s been looking forward to being claimed as a daywalker’s consort ever since. Can Amaia live with being Liam’s second choice?

Lustre of Twilight: Jareth Bancroft doubted he’d be one of the daywalkers who was lucky enough to find his destined consort. More than five hundred years of searching had yielded nothing. But one touch proved him wrong in the very best way. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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