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In a realm scarred by magic and secrets, my bonds may be the only thing that can save us. I’m Lyra, the crown princess of Crystal Elementia. In a world guided by duty and decorum, my destiny is irrevocably linked to the wild force of magic within me—making me both an invaluable asset and a potential threat. As I navigate a landscape rife with treacherous alliances and buried secrets, three men emerge—Alistair, the dutiful royal guardian; Darius, the sensual King of Shadows; and Rook, a prisoner whose history is as mysterious as his future. Caught in a whirlwind of romantic intrigues and emotional entanglements, the distinctions between love and loyalty, friend and foe, become dangerously blurred. And in a realm still marred by the remnants of a magical cataclysm, my choices are as precarious as my affections. If I can’t navigate the maze of love and duty, the price might be more than just a broken heart.

The last thing I need is another playboy to break my heart, but he is all I want… I am starting fresh in a new town. It’s the first day on the job and nothing is going right. Then I see Wyatt Whitmore. A quiver goes through my entire body as his eyes meet mine and he gives me a sexy smile. I know his type- rich, sexy, handsome, and definitely in love with himself. Everyone I know in Branson has warned me to stay away from Wyatt. But our chemistry burns hotter than the Ozarks in July, and I can’t tear myself away. I’m falling hard for this irresistible playboy and his ragtag pack of rescue dogs. Secrets from Wyatt’s past are bubbling up, threatening to ruin everything, and I don’t know what to believe. I need an explanation for the rumors surrounding his past before we can have a future. If he wants to make it work, he’ll have to fight for me—and prove he’s changed his wicked ways. Will that even be enough for me to trust my heart again?

One girl. Two brothers. Crippled love blooming in the aftermath of the horrific event. College freshman Alana Novak still lives at home with her controlling father. She has a baking blog and a habit of breaking curfew, especially since she met her first love, Dakota Bennett. But fate has other things in mind. And when unspeakable tragedy snuffs out Dakota’s life, Alana turns to the only person who shares her grief. For years, guitarist Mikah Bennett’s existence has revolved around his band, Midnight Rust—he knows they’re about to break out. So when lead singer, Dakota, his younger half-brother, is killed, he’s shaken to his core. Survivor’s guilt brings Mikah and Alana closer and as they spend more time together, they realize their connection runs deeper than just a trauma bond. The emotion simmering below the surface should feel wrong, but it doesn’t. Sadly, the deck is stacked against Alana and Mikah. Can love win or are they destined to go their separate ways?

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