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What kind of hotel doesn’t have a name? Everything about this place is off. The odd location. The silent staff. The elite clientele. All I’m certain of is that I have to get out of here. Until I meet him. The hotel manager. He’s grumpy, impatient, and never ever leaves the hotel. It’s clear from the look in his eyes that he hates me. Beautiful, raw, demanding. I’m drawn to him like a helpless moth to an all-consuming flame. I just hope I can get away before I get burned.

The stranger trapped me, but I chose to stay… I should have known better than to trust the stranger with the dark eyes and face of shadows. But I was lost and in need of shelter, and his mysterious den in the woods was too intriguing… The next morning, I wake up his prisoner. I’ve been tricked and locked up for his amusement. But the more time I spend with the damaged Lorenzo, the more tempted I am to play his games. What is the darkness that haunts him? And why, when offered my freedom, do I crawl willingly back to his cage?

A sexy Fire Elemental on the verge of self-combustion. A human woman with a touch of Water in her blood. A supernatural foe bent on destruction. Levi, warrior and Fire Elemental, has one mission—to protect the mortal realm from the forces of Chaos. But that changes after a chance encounter with a human woman whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him. Brooke Simmonds can’t forget the mysterious man with flames in his eyes and strange tattoos on his arms who walked through an inferno to save her from a devastating apartment fire. When she finds him again, their reunion ignites a fiery passion that threatens to consume them both. But Levi is back for another, more urgent reason. The Chaolt are after Brooke. There’s a power awakening inside her, and they plan to exploit it. She’s suddenly sucked into a world, and a war, she never knew existed while Levi’s powers blaze even more out of control, endangering everyone around him. The attraction between Levi and Brooke is so hot it sizzles, but if he doesn’t get his fire in check and stop the Chaolt, the entire town of Topaz Ridge may go up in flames. 

Recipe– add a curvy Sassy Sunshine and a burly Lobsterman Grump together in a one-bed hotel room. Sprinkle in puzzles, tattoos, a baking competition, motorcycles, and an adorable dog. Mix well. Bake until hot and steamy on the inside. I may be the best baker in Shipbuilt, Maine, but to my senator mom, I’ve wasted my life…and my waistline. Mom demands I bring a +1 for her weekend birthday celebration, even though I don’t have a boyfriend or time. My application for the Pastries of the Northeast Competition is my golden ticket to buy Shipbuilt’s bakery, The Cream Puff. I have to perfect my recipes and run my annual cookie-palooza at the bakery. Birch is just one of a thousand tattooed, gruff lobstermen in Maine, right? Wrong, he is the perfect blend of no-nonsense to protect me from Mom’s criticisms. But his sculpted body keeps me up at night, wondering how far down that tattoo goes. Solving one problem by being my fake date for the weekend might just complicate things. It’s cold outside. The oven’s hot, and I’ve been burned before. He’s sworn off romance, I’ve sworn off men from Maine. What could go wrong? 

I hate Blake Richards with a fiery passion. Sending that email, telling him exactly what I think about him, was downright cathartic. The nerve of that man to think I’d just sell my family’s legacy to him so he can continue to tear down what makes Scarlet Ridge special. It isn’t long before he starts to play dirty, buying the community building so I can no longer hold the annual holiday festival there in an effort to force me to sell. But he’s got an even bigger trick up his sleeve. One that threatens to steal my heart and turn my world upside down if I don’t find a way to stop myself from falling for the enemy.

Rub Me The Right Way by A.J. Norris. Can love conquer death? A dying woman is gifted with an antique bottle, but little does she know the real present is hiding inside.

Wolf Of My Heart by D.A. Henneman. Can true love find those who don’t want to be found? After a full moon and another blackout, a werewolf finds a mysterious pair of panties in his bed. Curious to know where they came from, he follows the scent trail to a sexy elf. Now, he’s in real trouble.

Rub Me Tender by R.C. Matthews. Can curses be broken? A genie fantasizes about the day she is no longer bound to serve the Sultan, but that can only happen if someone loves her without any expectations in return—a hard feat when your sole purpose is to grant wishes.

Sometimes love washes up in unexpected places. Aria and Jace couldn’t be more different. Aria is a fiercely independent café owner who takes pride in her community and her strong personality, while Jace is a former soldier on a quest for inner peace and a sense of purpose. When they meet at a beach cleanup event, sparks fly as they clash over their differing approaches to the task at hand. Despite their initial animosity, Aria and Jace are forced to work together on the project, and they start to discover that they have more in common than they thought. As they navigate the ups and downs of their budding romance, they also face personal struggles that threaten to tear them apart. Will their growing attraction for each other be enough to sustain them through the challenges ahead?

Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she thought her life was over. When she is sacrificed to a dragon, she learns it has only just begun… The day Chrysanthemum Jones goes to exact revenge on the man responsible for her sister’s death is the day she knows will be her last. Instead, she finds herself stolen away to another dimension and sacrificed to a real live dragon. Rather than a cave full of gold, this dragon’s lair is a throwback to the 1980’s complete with pixilated video games, unwound VHS tapes, and animal print spandex. And the mythical creature in question is totally more sex on a stick than Smaug. Schweet! As one of the last dragon shifters beyond the Veil, Corun is desperate to control the beast inside of him. The only thing guaranteed to keep the dragon under control is the surrender of a human female. But sacrificial offerings have been in short supply since his realm was cut off from Earth -something or other about women’s liberation? So when a sacrifice turns up on his doorstep, Corun should be elated. But as totally tubular as Chryssie’s curves are, her health is fragile and he fears she wouldn’t survive the (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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