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All she needs is a fast horse to change her future. Adding a dreamy cowboy to the mix is more than she bargained for. Joire: Running Pappy’s horse ranch in Alabama is tough, but add in the fact that I’m a petite, barrel-racing cowgirl into the mix, and it is harder than all get out. My life takes an unexpected turn when my mentor sends me on a cross-country trip for a prize-winning barrel-racing horse. Little did I know that Gunner Samuels, the hot, rugged, single-minded cowboy, would have me all shook up. A three-day journey sets off a connection hotter than a pepper sprout, making me question my heart’s resilience. Gunner – I love my family and our thriving business, but lately, I’ve been dreaming of a change. Joire’s feisty spirit and beauty have got me seriously considering trading my lasso for a love knot. The heat between us is undeniable, but family loyalty and living 17,000 miles apart are cold realities that might put out the strongest flame.

He’s a gorgeous bad boy, and I want to believe this ex-marine is the billionaire hero he seems to be. Even if he doesn’t remember that sizzling night in LA, it still leaves me breathless. When I ran from LA in fear of my life, leaving him was the hardest part. Everything’s been hard these last three years on the run. And now, here he is in front of me. Brock Turner. Right here, so close I can taste his sweet breath and imagine those full lips on mine. His body pressing against mine. My heart stops when I think about his little dimple, that scruffy beard, his muscled body, and his soft caress. He says he will keep me safe. But he could be just another liar trying to use me. I don’t know if I can trust my heart. I want to believe, stop running, and make love with him on the beach over and over, forever. But now they might be here, and there is more at stake than my music…it could mean my life.

She was on the run, and he was waiting to catch her. Once upon a time…there was a girl named Rosalie who loved to run away from home and sleep in cemeteries. To most, she was obscure, but to him, she was fascinating. Bastien had been waiting for someone like her to cross his path. What some saw as blunt, he saw as honest, and what some heard from her mouth as irritating, he found melodious. She was his little songbird. So eager to learn—eager to fall into his insanity. But their love story had limits and was fated to end from the start. Only an act of sacrifice would keep their love singing for an eternity.

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