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A reclusive demon meets his fated mate… When I see a boat approaching my private island, I swim out to investigate. No one can invade my sanctuary. I plan to throw them off course–until I discover what’s happening on board. A man is accosting a woman. I shift into a giant sea serpent and destroy his boat in my fury. There’s something is different about the woman I rescue. I can’t hear thoughts the way I do with other humans. It’s refreshing after all the selfish nonsense I’ve had to endure from others. I bring her to my island and discover she’s my fated mate. When she recovers, our connection is strong. I invite her to stay and explore, and she agrees to do so for a few days. That’s not long enough. She’s the one–the one who can free me from my obligations to hunt. She can’t leave me–even if I have to force her to stay.

Jeremy Rainer, the star college football player and now pro baller, is living his best life. He has everything except for the only woman he ever loved. Jeremy could have any woman he wants. Fame and success do have their perks. But it can not bring happiness, as Jeremy quickly learns. His past is getting in the way of his future. No woman has even come close to replacing his first and only love, Deborah. He regrets the day she forced him to move on after a horrible accident. Deborah knew letting Jeremy go and pursue his dreams was the right decision. She is now living her new life as Chloe, a successful realtor and businesswoman. Chloe is reminded every day of the love she and Jeremy had. Will an uncanny reunion between best friends from long ago help reunite them? Can their undying love for each other be enough? Secrets will be revealed, but will there be forgiveness?

One night changed everything. One night with Lilah three years ago and I can’t stop thinking about her. I didn’t even know her last name. I’ve enjoyed the constant women on the road but not one of them made a mark like she did. She’d wanted me when I was nobody and now, women only want me because I’m somebody. When our stylist quits right before we’re about to head out on tour, our manager hires a new one. Magically, Lilah walks back into my life. Except she wants to keep things professional while all I can think about it getting her naked again. Until I see something that I can’t unsee and I know she’s been lying to me for three years. This lie could cost her everything but for me, it could change my life.

I could not have imagined that such an incredible celebration would lead to… my surprise baby. I had just landed this very hard-to-come-by demanding new job when he walked into the bar. He was handsome, confident, and the perfect alpha male. That was all I could remember of that night… Not even his name. Now here I am, 15 days late. But all I can focus on now is how to make a good impression on my new boss. The man that has a reputation for being the most ruthless attorney in New York City. Until it hit me like a ton of bricks…. My new boss is that perfect alpha male that I met in the bar that night. No one compares to him. That tall, extremely well-built silver fox made me go liquid inside. But the thought of him rejecting me and the baby gives me sleepless nights. Our passionate off-limits one-night stand has threatened to blow up both our worlds.

The last thing he wants is to fall for her. Mackenzie Arden knows she’ll never be free of her brother’s violent obsession with her, and now she’s his prisoner and an unwitting pawn in his plot. When she’s rescued by a man who is as intriguing as he is intimidating, she finally starts to feel safe for the first time in her life, only he wants nothing to do with her. Luca “Bear” Jackson has been betrayed too many times to put his trust in anyone. Especially a woman who might be embroiled in her brother’s terrorist plot. Try as he might to stop it from happening Mackenzie manages to make him feel things he has no interest in feeling. But the danger isn’t over and if Bear can’t set aside his fears of being hurt again Mackenzie will pay the ultimate price.

All it took was one look at her… The bright red hair. Her flawless skin. Attitude that can’t be tamed. There’s no one else I want for this. Agreeing to marriage is the least of our worries. Because the heart doesn’t care if it’s fake. This was supposed to be easy. Marry her, then get what’s rightfully mine. My father thinks he’ll get everything. And she thinks she’ll be walking away after the contract is fulfilled. I want to shout from the rooftops that she’s mine. And all she wants is to be out of my life. But a year isn’t enough time anymore. She belongs to me. Even if she doesn’t know it. Getting her to agree isn’t as easy as it seems though.

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