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She is my student, half my age, and totally off-limits. After one mind-blowing night, I thought I’d never see her again until the day she walked into my class. Anna David. A brilliant business student with a sassy mouth. She challenges me every chance she gets. This spitfire isn’t about to make it easy. Yet her rare beauty, unmatched by Aphrodite herself, allures me every day. Her coke bottle body quenches the thirst of any man. When word of a fellow professor’s affair with a student spreads like wildfire, We’re assigned to investigate the scandal together. But the more time we spend together, the more tension between us melts away. We vow never to cross the line, but before we know it, we’re at it again. We must keep this from ever getting out or the consequences could ruin us both. Especially now that she’s having my baby…

My fumbled handshake became a hug, then my heart stopped. Dad’s money guy was the hottest man I would ever meet. The connection was instant. Reed’s powerful energy set my soul on fire. We both knew that starting a relationship while hiding it from the important man we had in common was wrong. Yet how could I resist being treated like a goddess, not the weird hippie daughter of the CEO? His care and attention awoke a desire deep inside me that I couldn’t wait to express for the first time. But will it ruin Dad’s company or both of our relationships with him?

I didn’t want to take a small-town girl and guard her in the middle of the city where she was uncomfortable. Safety came first, especially once I met Bethan. So I took her to the safest place I knew. Her sweetness touched parts of me that I hadn’t known existed. Then we began to connect, and I realized this sexy girl belonged with me. She understood me, and awakened my true desires, driving me wilder than I had ever expected. For the first time ever, I didn’t give a damn about my job or the rules. I had to win Bethan’s heart while guarding her hot little body with my life.

I just found out I’m pregnant with my dad’s best friend’s baby. The day I find out who my biological dad is, I’m asked to move to New York, learn his business, and carry on his legacy. But before I can take the reins of his empire, he asks his best friend to mentor me first. Little did I know my mentor would be him… Adam Gates. A gorgeous, stubborn billionaire venture capitalist. Also my ex who broke my heart with his harsh words four years ago. We agree to keep our relationship all business, But the more we try, the harder it is to resist the magnetic sparks between us. One accidental touch opens the gate for our bottled-up desires. And before I know it, Adam takes charge and claims me between the sheets. We must keep this a secret or my father’s plan to protect his legacy will be ruined. Especially now that I’m pregnant with Adam’s baby.

Aria Costa: The first time I saw Gabriele Vitale, some dark yearning deep inside me called to him and no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop wanting him. He’s made it clear that he wants nothing to do with me. But sometimes there’s a flicker of interest in his eye, and it’s enough to make me know he’s lying. When a stupid decision on my part throws us together, I get a first-hand view of the darkness he alludes to. One part of me is drawn to it. Another part of me is frightened by it. But not enough to stop from getting to know him better. He’s like a black hole, slowly sucking me in. As the darkness consumes me, I don’t care if it destroys me. Gabriele Vitale: Aria Costa is off-limits for many reasons, the least of which is that she’s Marcello Costa’s younger sister. She’s also too young and way too inexperienced to be with someone like me who enjoys dabbling in the darker side of sensuality. My father and her brother have made it clear that I am to steer clear. And I try. But it proves impossible to erase her from my mind. Whenever she’s near, my protective instincts roar, “Mine” and I’d do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Which is why after a foolish decision one night I’m forced to help her figure out who’s threatening her and what they want. I’d give my life for hers, and it might very well come to that. 

The last thing I want is to give a rugged recluse a makeover. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. I watched my mom’s friend Allison swoop into our lunch, armed with news of her son Griffin’s return from a year of cabin life. According to Allison, he’s in dire need of a transformation. With a beard that seems to have a mind of its own, hair wilder than a hurricane, and a wardrobe that belongs in a time capsule, Griffin screams “outdoor enthusiast.” And then there’s me, Maisey, a hairstylist with a fashion sense that never falters. My mom, always eager to help, volunteers me for the task of turning Griffin into a presentable human being. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, but I reluctantly agree, knowing I can’t refuse my mom’s requests. Griffin, however, is far from thrilled about the prospect of a makeover. He’s a man who cherishes his off-the-grid (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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