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Sebastiano: As boss of a powerful mafia family, I take what I want. Empires. Lives. Everything in-between. But some crimes deserve a different sacrifice than death. That sleazy politician Robert Amato learned this the hard way, after I arranged for my son to marry his sweet, innocent daughter. She’s trapped in my kingdom now, a pretty little burden to be used any way I like. Except I won’t touch her. She belongs to my son. And family always comes first. Alessia: Sebastiano Beneventi is everything I fear. Brutal. Cunning. My soon-to-be father-in-law. He’ll stop at nothing to gain control of the Twelve Famiglie, even forcing his son—who hates my guts—into marrying me. I’m to pay the price for my father’s betrayal. But I have a forbidden secret. The reason Sebastiano Beneventi is always watching me. A dangerously twisted game I play. I’ve no interest in his son. What I want is him, the dirty mafia king.

A policeman who exclusively works the night shift to hide his scars, a lovely detective determined to solve a cold case, and the trail of clues that just might lead to love… Newly promoted Police Sergeant Luke Hawling is determined to rid his county of its growing drug problem, even if it means going head-to-head with the most feared motorcycle gang in the west. He has an old score to settle with them, anyway, for starting the house fire a few years earlier that nearly claimed his life. A chance meeting with a woman from the gang gives him an inside source, and he’s that much closer to making an arrest — a job that’ll go more smoothly if he ignores the spark of instant attraction between them. Detective Willow Presley (no relation to Elvis…bummer!) has been sent undercover to Heart Lake to reopen an arson cold case. Her training has more than prepared her to deal with hardened criminals. However, her heart proves no match for the brooding, sarcastic police officer she’s seeking justice for. 

It was supposed to be a simple personal security job. But Ashley was so sexy and innocent that my need to care for her was far more than professional. She was sunshine and warmth and everything I truly desired. She felt like… home. Our chemistry was scorching hot. Ashley used any excuse for us to be closer, and I couldn’t keep my distance. I’d never crossed a line with a client before, but keeping Ashley close was the best way to keep her safe and calm. Until the worst happened. It was up to me to both save her and beg her forgiveness. I wouldn’t let her father make her fearful anymore. If I could convince Ashley to let me be the man in her life, she would never be afraid again.

Six heart-warming enemies-to-lovers stories, from firefighters and billionaires, to socialites and royalty—centered on a cozy, oceanside B&B.

Blueprint for Love: Enemies to friends to happily ever after. Katy thinks Mitch is a squatter, but when Mitch realizes she’s the missing heir to the run-down Cranberry Hill Inn, things get out of hand fast. Can these enemies get out of their own way and find love?

Deadline for Love: They were destined to be enemies. How long will it take Summer, a sassy reporter, to realize that billionaire mogul Landis is after more than just her boss’s business? Or will the mysterious beauty from Landis’s world get in the way?

Recipe for Love: Socialite Stella knows that marriages are partnerships and there’s no such thing as love. World-class chef Carson would agree—who could possibly fall for a spoiled, trust-fund brat like her? It turns out…he could. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I ran away from my wedding into the arms of my Ex’s brother and now I’m having his baby. I never liked him, so how did I end up beside him in his bed? Avoiding the walk of shame, I vanished without a trace. How did I get there in the first place? Was it his broad shoulders and piercing eyes that captivated me? It definitely got me hot and bothered. Or was it just me trying to get back at my ex? Now I find myself working with his company on the biggest event of my career… His powerful charisma draws me in like a moth to the flames but I can’t let this happen again. I now hold a positive pregnancy test in my hand and I realize there’s nowhere to run.

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