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His job is to vanquish the demon threat. But when a mortal woman gets stuck in the crossfire, can he protect her from the new target on her back? Titan is second-in-command of the fallen sentinel angels, a fearsome group of earthbound angels who are tasked with protecting heaven from the demon charmers. The eternal struggle has cost many lives, one of which Titan still blames himself for six months later. But when a mortal woman becomes a target of his enemy, he saves her—only to discover she looks just like the woman he lost months ago. Not a day goes by that Rose Meyer doesn’t spend looking for her twin sister. With a newfound lead at her fingertips, she heads out in search of clues to her sister’s whereabouts. What she finds, however, is a frightening magic user intent on killing her—and a hulking angel of gleaming metallic titanium who shuttles her out of the kill zone. And refuses to let her out of his protection. Her touch has sparked a celestial power in him that has been lost since he and his brothers fell. But as Titan’s power grows, so does the mysterious bond between him and the woman occupying (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Myra’s no Ice Queen. She’s a reclusive outcast with a secret she’ll do anything to hide. Beware the Mirror King! The bogeyman of Mount Acaelum. Legends claim he sends his Ice Trolls to take children in the night. Some of the Taken return with a bagful of coins and no memory of what transpired. Some are never heard from again. Wolf-shifter Sterling will do anything to protect his pack. Even seek out the dangerous Mirror King on his own. No matter the cost. And he’s certain Zemyra the Weaver holds the key to finding the ruthless madman. Myra was one of the Taken. An ordeal that irrevocably changed her. But she’s put the nightmare behind her, content to live as a recluse on the edge of civilization and lose herself in her craft. She has no intention of answering Sterling’s questions, because sharing the truth of her time with the Mirror King might unleash a dangerous secret that would destroy her hard-won peace. But an early snowstorm, a shared cottage, and unexpected revelations draw them inexorably closer. And lead them toward a dangerous confrontation with the Mirror King. 

Who’s this mysterious billionaire who offers a marriage proposal with my parents? Holy Cow! It’s Mr. Rhys Adler…My grumpy boss! Saying yes to this arrangement will save my family’s business. But it isn’t how I imagined my life would be, not even for my son. My boss’s presence is an ice storm, freezing every corner of my world. Yet, I won’t let my sassy charm get discouraged by his alpha persona. My worries? He’s going to be my kid’s stepdad! Wait, there’s more… He is also the father of my unborn child from a one-night stand. The stress… Urgh! But as we share our world, beneath his tough exterior, he ignites a wildfire within me. Colorful changes emerge until… A secret of our past collides with our present desires. I’m left questioning if the love we’ve found can weather the storm, or if history will just repeat itself once more.

The Silverlake Enforcers – tough, wild, sexy and badass, until their true mates bring out the softer side they show to no one else…Kane: Never trust your heart. Kane Colton has lived by those words ever since he escaped from a destructive bond that turned him into a monster. Now he only cares about three things: protecting his packmates, watching his blood brother’s back, and keeping his wild wolf under control. Until a woman from his past turns his life upside down… Israel: Becoming a bodyguard for a temperamental singing diva is far from Israel Jonas’s dream job, until he finds out she’s his destined mate. But when a celebrity stalker threatens her, convincing Ashley to trust him completely isn’t so easy. And convincing her to fall in love with him is even harder… Noah: Caught in wolf form in a poacher’s trap, Noah Reilly falls hard for the woman who saves his life—even though she has no idea he has a human side. But she’s caught in a web of lies and danger that threatens her and her young son, and the only way for Noah to save them is to reveal his true nature, even if it drives her away…

I don’t care if she is my sister’s best friend; there is no way she is stealing my family’s estate. My vineyard has been home for generations, and now I’m told we don’t really own it. After that first encounter at a neighboring estate sale, all I can see is her fiery hair, the temper in her eyes, and those full red lips. I keep thinking about those lips, that almost kiss, my hand hot on the small of her back. She is all trouble with a capital T. This sultry redhead thinks she can walk in and take what she wants. She doesn’t know the hornets’ nest she’s stirring up. I’m no pushover, and I’ll do anything to stop her. After the meeting with our lawyers, it sounds like I might have to – a fake marriage. The only way to save the vineyards. But living on the same estate with her may have its advantages.

In the cutthroat world of corporate law, my rivalry with Jeremy, grumpy but gorgeous alpha, is legendary. Not only do I hate sharing my workspace with this dominant, strikingly handsome super-achiever, but now I also have to deal with working on the same case with him. On top of that, our eccentric boss has decided to appoint a new partner from among the associates, inviting the competition and tension between us to reach all-new heights. But, suddenly, Jeremy starts to reveal a different side of himself to me, and I see him in a softer light. We end up sharing a passionate kiss in the elevator, and I can’t seem to get him off my mind. Now, our tense relationship is thrown into chaos. As tensions rise and the partnership decision looms, I find myself torn between my career aspirations and my feelings for Jeremy. How do I choose between love and ambition? Is Jeremy the one for me, or is he only tempting me away from my destiny for his own gain? 

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