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One night. No promises. No last names. Just raw passion. The twist? He’s my ex’s brother. I slipped away at dawn… never knowing who he was. Miles was my escape, a way to reclaim my fire and direction. Our affair became a pivot point that altered my life’s course forever. Years later, I am the proud co-owner of a successful Sonoma winery… And Miles is standing before me as a guest at the grand opening of my new resort—sexier than ever and still HOT for me. His kiss still sears and I want to give in, but I will not be distracted. Everything I’ve worked for hangs in the balance. When the rest of his family arrives, the puzzle pieces come together, and I question everything—including his love for me. Can I forgive his omission, or will our past extinguish the hope of a second chance?

Who knew that monsters love curvy girls….or that they even existed? Mollie: Life gets kind of same-y here in Snowflake Falls. Yet another Halloween when I’m stuck on my own. But then my mysterious high school crush moves next door. So far, so good. The only trouble is, he seems different… but not in a bad way. He’s bigger, hotter and more mysterious than ever. I’m intrigued and I want to find out more. A big Halloween party is the perfect opportunity to get to know him better. Sparks are flying between us faster than a bat outta hell. And why does this handsome devil look like he wants to eat me right up? Brad: I was a big deal in high school but life had other plans. Being turned into an enormous horned monster certainly wasn’t on the agenda. It’s been all tricks and no treats so far while I try to keep myself hidden away. I’ve stayed away from my hometown as long as I can but a family issue means I’m needed back in town. The first thing on my mind is the gorgeous curvy girl who’s haunted my dreams for the last five years. By a quirk of fate, she’s also my new next door neighbor. I can’t help imagining what it would be like to get close to her. Really close.But how could this perfect angel want to be with a monster like me?

Yuki Yamimoto has a problem with billionaires. If only she wasn’t stuck in a luxury resort with one billionaire in particular! Yuki agrees to be her friend Sinead’s bridesmaid at her second wedding in a heartbeat. She’s a flight attendant and used to jetting around the world, but staying at a luxury resort in Thailand for Sinead and Gabriel’s renewal of vows sounds amazing – like a mini vacation. The only problem is…Declan Moriarty. Years ago, Yuki and Declan shared a mind-blowing one-night stand and a few weeks of bliss, and then nothing. Nada. Was it all a dream? Or a nightmare? Because he cheated on her with his ex-fiancée and Yuki left before he could break her heart. Declan was Yuki’s big fish, the one who got away. An Irish IT geek and billionaire built like a pro rugby player with bonus soulful blue eyes and dark wavy hair. Yuki has a sinking feeling Declan will also be at the resort for the wedding celebration. Declan is a good friend of Gabriel’s after all. But she won’t have to hang out with him, surely? Yuki doesn’t believe in second chances anymore. Besides, Yuki’s just been dumped and humiliated and all she wants is rest and (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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