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A week at my best friend’s brother’s resort ended with me in the bed of a hot billionaire. Ethan Parker is as grumpy as he is stunning. So stunning that he lures my binoculars from the birds to himself. Until he catches me, and then his teasing never ends. I run into him everywhere. Like an impossibly good-looking shadow. His piercing blue eyes threaten to undress me every time he looks at me, and I see those luscious lips and exquisite body even in my dreams. On the last night, desire takes the reins and I allow him to take me in my cabin. There’s just one problem. He doesn’t do relationships and offers me a job instead. The more time we spend together, the more I fall for him. But my heart can’t take any more punches. I’m not even recovered from my divorce, and the custody battle is just getting started. Something’s bound to break if I keep playing this game.

Kian “Phantom” Weber spent fifteen years working in the shadows to protect his country. The retired spook found his family with the Silver Saints MC…and they eventually led him to the woman who was meant to be his. When Phantom spotted the bruises on Tessa McGuire’s arm, he knew he would burn down the world to ensure her safety. With him at her side, anyone who wanted to hurt Tessa would have a battle on their hands. Because he knew in an instant that he’d have her back. Always.

The epic story explodes with the brutal death of Lorran O’Dubney, a defeated rival clan leader, at the hands of ruthless King Ortho. When Lorran’s young son, Gwydion, narrowly escapes the same horrible fate, the enraged King’s anger knows no bounds. In the dead of night, Gwydion flees with the King’s most despicable enforcer, a vicious hunchback known to all as ‘Extor the Cruel” in hot pursuit. While hiding out on the Isle of Darkness, Gwydion has a spine-tingling encounter with the dreaded Caoronach, whose legendary erotic feminine allure proves almost fatal. In a stunning turn of events, Gwydion discovers a way to seek temporary sanctuary in the bewildering alternate world of the humans. When an unexpected love affair with a warm and beautiful woman blossoms, Gwydion is torn between his new life and the blood oath he swore to avenge his father’s murder. In a spellbinding return to the Emerald Isle, Gwydion has his ultimate revenge. The aftermath is a poignant and satisfying conclusion to this truly enjoyable epic.

Years have passed since Maxwell Muggs came under the radar of IRS because of his gambling addiction, and much has changed. Maxwell has controlled his gamble addiction. His work as investigative journalist is gaining him a solid reputation, and he and his younger sister Ruthie have finally come to terms with their parents’ accidental death more than a decade earlier. But his seemingly content life soon becomes the thing of past as an arson case involving a series of ten deliberate fires in a row throws him in the path of a group of powerful enemies. As bodies begin to pile up, Maxwell realizes that finding the truth isn’t just about finishing his professional assignment… it’s about justice, about right and wrong… and it’s also about retribution.

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