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Rule number one. Never fall for the boss. But in my defense, I didn’t know he was. I’m not one to believe in love at first sight. But when a billion-dollar honey bun walked into my restaurant, I couldn’t help but think of a new menu special. His ocean blue eyes hold me captive, and with every flirty visit I can tell the feelings are mutual. I didn’t know hiding behind the smile of the sweet treat, was an offer to buy out my business. I spent my younger years building my dreams as a restaurant owner. Now I’m running away from a billionaire. His intent was to offer me a proposal, but instead, he falls for me. How did I get from living my dream, to dating a grump? And losing my heart along the way.

He’s known as a socially inept caveman. I call him a grump that’s a little out of touch with reality. Max Bridger is a handsome billionaire bachelor with a brilliant business sense. He can triple a company’s profit faster than anyone. But his idea of socializing is getting home at six and reading the wall street journal. This is where I come in, an ex-waitress with a degree in business communications. Mr. Bridger hires me as his social liaison. My job is to transform him from an out of touch caveman,Into a charming social butterfly. Easy right. Until a social event helped me to discover an unexpected sweet side to him. Causing me to feel like a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher. Unfortunately, Mr. Bridger is set on keeping our relationship professional, hiding his real feelings.I would have been able to do it. If it wasn’t for the kiss.The kiss that changed everything.

I never took my ex for a mustache twirling villain–he couldn’t even grow a mustache, for starters–but oh, how wrong I was. Vaughn crossed so many lines he’d fail a pre-k coloring test, and now he has to pay. I’ve rolled out a literal whiteboard to plot my revenge. Everything is fair game… Petty, hilarious, humiliating, or downright diabolical. He deserves it all and worse, but nothing I’m dreaming up feels quite right until the perfect opportunity strides into my life. Enter Jameson Wolfe, Vaughn’s most bitter business rival. He’s obnoxiously hot, successful, a notorious playboy, and absolutely not my type. But all that matters is he wants back at Vaughn as much as I do, and we hatch the perfect plan to do exactly that. We’ll pretend to date. Our fakelationship will end with a grand crescendo… me in a sensibly scandalous costume at the company Halloween mixer, arm and arm with the man Vaughn hates most in the world. But with every perfectly crazy fake date, every simple touch between us feeling like fireworks, and all the signs that he’s way more than the playboy I thought, I’m starting to worry… because I’m doing the one thing I absolutely swore I wouldn’t. I’m falling for Jameson Wolfe.

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