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The job description didn’t mention whisky tasting, or working closely with the sexiest man alive. Both elements are bold, shockingly sweet, and go straight to my head. I just want to find a job, and fix up my grandparents’ house. The job seems great… Then I meet the tall, gorgeous, charming-as-heck boss. The sudden proximity makes me dizzy with lust. He’s powerful, wealthy, worldly, and all sorts of things that make my pulse race when it shouldn’t. Why can’t I just do my work and leave? Because I’ve already fallen for him. I’m not sure what makes my head spin more – the whisky or his breathless kisses. I’m going to make sure that Mr. Fussypants Carmichael knows that I don’t care about his assets. I just want to grab his ass until he confesses that he wants me. It’s his fault for calling me cheeky.

I never took my ex for a mustache twirling villain–he couldn’t even grow a mustache, for starters–but oh, how wrong I was. Vaughn crossed so many lines he’d fail a pre-k coloring test, and now he has to pay. I’ve rolled out a literal whiteboard to plot my revenge. Everything is fair game… Petty, hilarious, humiliating, or downright diabolical. He deserves it all and worse, but nothing I’m dreaming up feels quite right until the perfect opportunity strides into my life. Enter Jameson Wolfe, Vaughn’s most bitter business rival. He’s obnoxiously hot, successful, a notorious playboy, and absolutely not my type. But all that matters is he wants back at Vaughn as much as I do, and we hatch the perfect plan to do exactly that. We’ll pretend to date. Our fakelationship will end with a grand crescendo… me in a sensibly scandalous costume at the company Halloween mixer, arm and arm with the man Vaughn hates most in the world. But with every perfectly crazy fake date, every simple touch between us feeling like fireworks, and all the signs that he’s way more than the playboy I thought, I’m starting to worry… because I’m doing the one thing I absolutely swore I wouldn’t. I’m falling for Jameson Wolfe. 

Today is my birthday, and I’m headed up to the ski lodge for the weekend to celebrate with my friends, but a late start, an early snowstorm, and a wrecked car puts me directly in the path of the one man I should never consider giving my heart to. The handsome stranger appears out of nowhere, an answer to the miracle I’ve been praying for, saving me from certain death. He brings me to safety and as the night wears on, we have no choice but to huddle together for warmth as the storm rages on outside. But as the hours stretch into the night, and we grow closer, Damon’s story unfolds, and he drops a bombshell on me that has me reeling. How could I have fallen so hard, so fast for the person responsible for tearing apart my family’s legacy?

A fake marriage between a curvy singing sensation and a grumpy bodyguard turns into something neither of them saw coming… For as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted is to escape my controlling father and live away from the public’s prying eyes. I have good reason to mistrust all men but something about my ruggedly sexy, older bodyguard’s steady eyes and the way he protects me makes me believe he’s my way out. I know that marrying Rory O’Connor is a means to achieve my dream. Besides, there’s no way an experienced man like him would be interested in a shy curvy virgin like me. So when we are alone in his mountain cabin, why can’t I stop thinking about him? And why, oh why do I want our marriage to be real?

Kai: I’ve always taken my jobs seriously, and bodyguarding the Tynam Twins, Moonshine Creek’s biggest country stars, is no exception. So when Luna Tynam asks me to double as her bodyguard and husband to fend off an unknown stalker, I jump at the chance. I’m in the market for a wife since the family’s patriarch cut me out of the will until I get hitched. Why not kill two birds with one stone? I’m a professional after all. It won’t be hard for me to walk away once my contract ends… At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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