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The billionaire alpha who makes my heart race, and my blood boil and is now my fake fiancé. Shit. Damien Knight, the enigmatic older brother of my best friend, Emily, was never part of my life plan. I’m a reserved and ambitious designer, and he’s a billionaire alpha with a damaged past. Off to a rocky start, we clash like oil and water, but the sparks between us burn brighter than ever. They say opposites attract, and boy, do they ever. We decided to embark on a fake romance for charity, thinking we could keep our hearts out of it. It’s a dangerous game we’re playing, and I’m not sure I want it to end. Yet, the shadows of our pasts loom large, threatening to undo everything we’ve built. Can I trust Damien to not break my heart and embrace the love that’s been right in front of me all along?

Spending five months eating trail dust wasn’t Leo Spencer’s first choice. Or his second. He’s not one to run away, but some situations can’t be fixed and his family—two brothers and a sister—needs to start over. Which is how he finds himself on a westbound wagon train. Evangeline has a secret, one that has sent her on a journey across the plains on the Oregon Trail. When her father is badly hurt and she needs help, Leo is there. A deal is struck and the two unlikely friends form an alliance… that leads to more. But Evangeline’s secret looms over her… and Leo’s family troubles are far from over.

I’m on the run and trapped with the son of a mob boss. I was an unwilling bystander when an assassin shot Leon’s brother, and now I’m caught in this mess. Leon is a strikingly beautiful man. His tailored suit and imposing stature are hard to ignore. But his father, the head of the Machelli family, thinks Leon killed his brother. When he puts a hit on Leon we have to run for our lives. Now I am forced into hiding with him while he tracks the true killer. I don’t know if I can trust him, or resist him. There’s a kindness to him I never would have expected, but he has secrets I shouldn’t know. Maybe this dangerous man can save me, in more ways than one, if my own dark past doesn’t tear us apart first.

Pepper Chan tried to leave the scars of her abduction behind her when she joined her current veterinary practice. However, a chance encounter with Roddy Eastman, the brother of her former best friend, leaves her shaken and desperate to keep her distance. The last thing Pepper wants to do is relive the terrible ordeal from so many years ago. Her kidnapper was never caught, and Pepper is afraid to trust anyone. Attorney Roddy Eastman is determined to find out why Dr. Chan wants to avoid him. He tries to convince himself that his drive to seek out answers from her is just his concern for his sister’s friend and not something deeper—like his long-standing attraction to her since high school.The sudden murder of her boyfriend makes it clear that a deranged murderer is taunting Pepper, waiting for the right moment to strike. When Pepper reluctantly reaches out to him, Roddy offers her his help. Together, they must dig into her past to uncover the identity of the stalker before his twisted plans can become reality.

There’s temptation in the woods… I should have known better than to trust the stranger with the dark eyes and face of shadows. But I was lost and in need of shelter, and he seemed kind. Then I wake up in a cage. I’ve been tricked by the wicked stranger and locked up for his amusement. But the more time I spend with the wicked Lorenzo, the more tempted I am to play his games. What is the darkness that haunts him and why, when offered my freedom, do I crawl willingly back to his cage? Temptation is a dark age-gap mafia romance featuring an obsessed OTT hero who will do anything to keep his curvy innocent woman. A dark retelling of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale and a reminder that there are wicked things lurking in the woods… Once upon a time… When you’re tucked into bed and looking for a fairy tale, not all of them can be glitter and gold. Sometimes you want them gritty and twisted to fulfill your deep, dark desires.

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