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She thought their marriage would last forever. That she could count on him to be her partner. She was wrong. Six months ago, Stacey kicked her lying husband out of their bed. They made promises to each other. Promises that didn’t include lonely nights and lonelier days missing the man who slept on the couch. Something had to give. She knew that as sure as she knew her former client’s death was murder. Wray’s nights under the same roof as his wife and sons were numbered. Every time he left, he wondered if she’d change the locks while he was at the fire station. He couldn’t change the past, but he hoped they still had a shot at a future. Until she tells him it’s over. Making a rash decision when she’s emotional is a bad idea, but Stacey never expects it will put her family at risk. Keeping Wray home is the best way to protect their sons, even though he threatens her heart. As for the man who threatens her life, he’ll get exactly what he deserves.

Her ex-fiancé took everything except the honeymoon package. Kate had it all planned out. A beautiful wedding and a perfect honeymoon with the man of her dreams. But when her fiancé dumps her for someone else, he leaves behind nothing but the non-refundable honeymoon package. Left with a shattered heart and barely a cent to her name, Kate goes on the trip. Her best friend said it would be cathartic. Besides, it wasn’t like things could get any worse. Liam, burdened by his own loss, arrives at the idyllic, snow-kissed resort on a solemn quest—to honor a promise made to his late girlfriend. This was supposed to be a journey of final goodbyes and the closure of a love chapter, not the start of a new one. After a meet-cute fail, an unexpected couple’s competition with the potential to solve Kate’s dire financial struggles throws her and Liam together again. Can Kate navigate her growing feelings for Liam while pursuing the prize she desperately needs? Will Liam let the warmth of new love mend his broken heart before their Christmas retreat concludes?

Flirting with the sexy stranger on a dating app was easy. Finding out the sexy stranger is also the office playboy… I wasn’t expecting that. They don’t call Bennett Pierce the office playboy for nothing. The parade of women through his doorway makes me want to dry-heave. Sure, he looks as if he strolled off the page of a male fashion magazine, but his personality is anything but desirable. But after catching my ex cheating on a dating app and Bennett witnessing my very public break up, his offer of margaritas is too hard to pass up. Tequila didn’t make my clothes fall off, but it did lead to one scorching hot kiss. Instantly, I regret it but an unexpected message on the dating app distracts me from too much self-loathing. And when the friendly banter quickly turns into steamy flirting, Bennett Pierce is one swipe right forgotten. And when we finally meet, I realize… I’ve been flirting with the playboy.

Everyone seems to be in love but me. Why is that? Relationship after relationship, and nothing. I’m always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. It’s getting old. Fast. And just when I start to give up, he walks into my life. Sexy, strong, older. The father of one of my students. It’s against the rules to feel the way I do about him, but I can’t help myself. A single father with a sexy demeanor and deep pockets. But that’s not what gets me about him. It’s the way he looks at me. As if he already owns me. The relationship can be our little secret. Or can it?

I came to the cabin on Deepwood Mountain to relax and recharge after a rough couple of months. I didn’t expect to arrive smack in the middle of the storm of the century. Or that a big, brawny beast would break in claiming to be my best friend’s older brother. Now I’m stuck with the sexy as sin mountain man, and I’m not exactly hating it. In fact, I want this gray-eyed wolf to eat more than that bowl of stew I offer him. But can two scarred souls handle this instant connection?

When I decided to return to the town where I grew up, the rules were simple. Find a job as a nanny. Don’t fall for my boss. I was only successful at one of them. Returning to Big Sky wasn’t in my plan but I was desperate for a fresh start. My best friend’s older brother Noah, now a single dad, needed a nanny for his daughter and I needed a job. Did I mention that he’s also the grump who once shattered my heart? Noah was hesitant about hiring me as Harper’s nanny, but he gave me a chance, unexpectedly causing us to become closer. After a fire destroyed my home, Noah extended his kindness and offered me a place to stay until I got back on my feet. But the nasty gossip about my past resurfaces. I tried to shake off this town’s memory of me and what they say behind my back. Everything inside me is telling me to run away as fast as I can but the thought of being without Noah is just too much to bear. As the town’s whispers grow louder, I must decide whether to surrender to our passion or protect myself from the inevitable heartbreak.

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