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They call me filthy rich. Both words are quite fitting. But my life is planned out for me. Get married to an heiress, have some kids who will barely know me, and come home to a wife who’s tolerable at best and loves only my bank account. It’s the way of our world, but fate decided to give me an out. My lovely bride-to-be never showed up at the altar. My attention moved quickly from heartache to aggravation when my little sister showed up. With a beautiful friend of hers in need. Of funding. Always money. This girl is wild and free. Beautiful and a mystery to me. She would never be accepted in my world and yet I find myself wanting to leave everything to be in hers instead. It was supposed to be one night in Hawaii. But that night left me wanting forever. What has this sun-kissed princess done to me? Whatever it is, all I want is more.

He’s not just any tycoon—he’s my father’s closest friend, an ex-Navy SEAL with an unyielding resolve. Four years ago, a single night altered everything. I let my guard down and surrendered to him, allowing him to claim my innocence and leaving me with a secret I couldn’t bear to reveal. Pregnant and overwhelmed, I walked away, determined to shield my father from the truth. Now, destiny has a wicked sense of humor, throwing Eric back into my life. His sudden reappearance rouses old desires, but he’s veiled in mystery, guarding sinister intentions. His touch is distant, his words cryptic. As the world believes our false engagement, I’m trapped in a web of my own creation, where reality blurs with the charade. My heart races, torn between what I feel and what I fear he conceals. With every stolen glance and heated exchange, the danger escalates. In this game of pretense, I’m bound to uncover what lies beneath his steely exterior, even if it shatters my heart. 

She’s sweet, innocent, and way too good for a man like me. I should stay far away. But she’s tempting me, playing a dangerous game. And tonight, she pushed me too far… Ellie is ten years younger than me and completely inexperienced with men. Which is exactly why I’m the wrong guy for her. I’m broken, damaged, and come with a reputation nearly as large as my family fortune. People know me as the rich alpha billionaire from the mountains with a troubled past. Nobody looks beyond the surface. Nobody except…Ellie. For whatever reason, tonight she’s determined to lose her V-card to a stranger. I’m here to make sure that this doesn’t happen. She’s not going home with some random guy. But maybe she’ll go home with me.

My job is battling blazes, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the firestorm she brought into my life. I rescued her from an inferno only to be burned by her fiery kiss. That electrifying kiss that rocked my world and fueled a storm of media frenzy. I couldn’t even go to the store and the headlines were awful. I had to get my life back even if it meant stalking her all the way up a mountain to a secluded cabin.

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