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Two wary souls get a second chance at love. If a killer doesn’t find them first. When a stalker turns to murder, pilot Kelli Spencer needs protection. What she doesn’t need is her old love Jack Reese returning to stir things up, but the former Navy SEAL and his team of protection specialists are the best of the best. Trust him with her life? If she has to. Trust him with her heart? No way. The last time Jack left, he made it clear married life held no appeal. Ten years later, he wastes no time letting her know he hasn’t changed. Not that she’d be fool enough to hope. As the commander of Knight Tactical, Jack jumps at the chance to protect Kelli and take down a killer, but as soon as she’s safe, he plans to shake the dust of the small mountain town off his feet again…until he realizes he never should have left the first time. Can he convince Kelli to give him another chance, or will a devious killer destroy his plans for a happily ever after?

His former best friend is begging for Xander’s protection. He can’t help her. He can’t even help himself. Ever since he was Turned by his ex-girlfriend, Xander and his panther have been one homicidal rage from having to be put down. Now his only goal is to leave his beloved crew before they’re the ones that have to do it. Jenny will do anything to keep her baby son out of the hands of the Broken Hill Clan, who want to raise him to be a killer. Her last hope is to beg protection from her old friend Xander, the wildest of the notorious Bad Blood Crew—and the man who broke her heart. But Jenny’s keeping secrets—secrets that can rip Xander’s life to pieces all over again. Can Jenny trust Xander with everything? And can he become the mate she needs, before the Broken Hill Clan destroys everything they love?

An elevator ride with my billionaire boss shouldn’t change my life…But it did. San Francisco is just the fresh start I needed. New place. New job. New me. Things were looking up, until the coffee spill on the stranger in the elevator turned out to be my boss. “Out of sight, out of mind” I tell myself to keep a job. But one look into his crystal clear blue eyes I’m hooked. I should never fall for this grump. He’s my boss after all. And the secret he holds close to his heart means it can never work. The thought of his kisses says it can… But maybe love does conquer all… even if you have to bend a couple of rules along the way.

Her kiss can kill… Kenna might be the only Succubus with a conscience, but life isn’t so bad now that she’s figured out a specific way to find her male meals. The only issue is her nonexistent love life. That all changes when a handsome stranger walks into her life. He may be a legendary vampire, but at least she can kiss him without killing him. However, dating the inspiration for Dracula might be more than Kenna bargained for.

I didn’t think my sister’s best friend would ever fall in love with me. Especially since we share a rocky history built on tension and unresolved emotions. But when I show up without warning, the sinfully bad boy fireman I am. It’s been five years… I am back in town, and quickly realize I’m no less attracted to the woman who had broken my heart. Maybe even more, because I cannot take my eyes off her. Problem is, She’s off-limits. A bad decision waiting to happen. But one night wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it… After all, I do know how to put out fires.

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