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Meet Taylor. All she wants is for a Scottish guy to call her lass. One teensy fairytale moment and then she’ll go back to her regular life of corporate law in New York. Her bank balance keeps her warm at night and that is a-okay with her. Which is good, because the guide leading her through the Highlands is hardly a romantic laird. Until a randy stag and sheltering from an end-of-the-world storm change everything and Taylor is swept into the romance of her dreams. But is it too good to be true? When Gus goes missing, can Taylor get past her fears of not being good enough before it’s too late to save him?

AJ, a curious fat cat, has a secret – Aunt Jayne’s spirit resides in this fluffy feline. Together with her human, bookstore owner Stacey Knight, they form a remarkable sleuthing team, who can telepathically communicate. So, when crime emerges in Stacey’s bookstore by Smith Mountain Lake, with the appearance of stolen jewels AJ keeps dropping at her humans feet, they embark on a puzzling case involving a missing maid and family secrets. Following clues throughout the town, AJ suddenly vanishes. Stacey is determined to solve the crime and find her feline friend. She strives to keep her cool, uncover the clues and solve the crime with help from her quirky pink-haired assistant, Luna, and handsome hotel owner, Elliot. As the mysteries unfold and Stacey races against time, can she find the thief, rescue the missing maid, and, most importantly, her beloved AJ?

An arranged marriage, very real danger… and a second chance. When I left for college, I left my dad and his mafia connections behind without a second thought. All except for dad’s best friend, Titus. Tall, dark and ruthless, built like some bronzed Italian god, Titus always gets what he wants. Once, he got me. For a single night. Now, two years later, I’m trying to move on by drowning a newly-broken heart in whiskey. Then Titus walked into that bar and back into my life, with news, and an ultimatum. Dad owes gambling debts, big ones, to the sort of people you really don’t want to let down. Titus is willing to pay, but his price is… me. That devil has me cornered and he knows it. On our honeymoon, unfriendly eyes are watching us. Our marriage isn’t real – I insist on that – but we have to make it look real. I don’t want to admit to myself that his every touch still lights a fire that leaves me burning up inside. Not when he’s keeping secrets that put my life in danger. Even when he’s putting himself between me and that dark threat. Especially when I can’t stop feeling way more than I should. 

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