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I go to Vegas to celebrate my twenty-first birthday. I never planned on falling for a bachelor. My first night in Vegas, I humiliate myself in front of the one man who’s made me realize what I’ve been missing out on. I thought I’d been in love before, but nothing compares to how I feel about Leo. I’m determined to get under his skin, even though he insists our age difference is a problem. My friends and family warn me against him too, given what he does for a living. But none of that deters me. These are my decisions—and mistakes—to make, wherever they may lead. Which is right into Leo’s arms. Except there’s more to him than I anticipated. Is our connection enough to overcome the odds stacked against us?

Lola Moreno has found a home at last, saved from destitution by businessman Gage Lassen. Gage is a withdrawn bachelor, and the most intimate subject he’s discussed with Lola is his preference in tea. Adventurer Harrison Bancroft arrives fresh from years on the Plains, living with Indians. Gage can only admit affection for another man, and things heat up when Harrison paints his portrait. Harrison and Lola can find no way to allow Gage to participate in their love, until Harrison unlocks the pain from Gage’s past, allowing him to emerge from his prison of cold restraint. Corrupt enforcer Fowler threatens the trio with seeming knowledge of their private vices, harassing Harrison with his unwanted attentions, and a night of riots forces them to make a stand. Three lovers, one destiny.

A second chance at love or heartbreak… Socially awkward and prone to accidents, Franny Dawson has a brand new project—herself. Owning the local bakery, The Sweet Spot, has taken all her time and energy and she’s neglected the social aspects of her life. The small lakeside town of Granite Cove, New Hampshire is full of quirky residents eager to help and hinder her new plan. Mitch Atwater, her first love, returns to town. He has an agenda of his own and is wreaking havoc with her goals and her heart. Can Franny outwit her nemesis, overcome her perfect sister’s surprise return, and escape the cocoon of her own insecurities to take a chance on love and get her very own happily ever after?

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