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She’s a good girl raised in purity culture. He’s the campus bad boy. When he uses her to get revenge, stealing her virginity, she steals his heart instead. Beautiful and prim Vanessa is the perfect pawn in Carter’s revenge scheme. Who better to humiliate his wealthy religious family than the girl who just announced on social media that she’s planning to lose her virginity in thirty days? Their arrangement will just be an exchange of services. He’ll let her tell the world the campus player took her virginity, and she’ll give him the opportunity he’s been waiting years for. But after one taste of her, he wants so much more than petty revenge… He wants her body as well as her heart. He wants everything.

Secrets always have a way of coming back to bite you, And I’m about to get bit big time… Graham was the star pitcher of our high school team, I was the theater nerd I never thought he’d notice. Until one day he did, and it changed my life forever. Fast forward five years and he sees me in the stands, He gives me one hot night and a heck of a secret to keep. Now, he’s back in our hometown, Coaching after an injury ended his career. I have two problems. Graham’s working right down the hall, and sparks are flying. One look at the little boy with his eyes and he’ll know what I’ve been hiding. He deserves the truth. My son deserves a father. Is it my chance at a happy ending… Or will he hate me forever for the secret I’ve kept?

Beneath that sharp charcoal suit lurks a predator—Alex Sterling, New York’s tantalizing billionaire, wielding a gaze hot enough to melt the city’s steel skyscrapers. I’m Jess Hart, a spirited artist and my dreams are as bold as my strokes. Alex is older, frustratingly tempting, with a swagger that could outshine the city’s dazzle. As fate throws a curveball, it makes me the nanny to his precious daughter. Suddenly, lines blur, tempting boundaries crossed. This isn’t the masterpiece I sketched for my life. Yet, a single forbidden touch, one electric moment, and I’m dancing on the edge. Days blend, nights intensify… Every stolen glance feels like the pull of gravity. And just when the city’s spotlight finds me, it feels like our worlds are on the brink of collision. While the metropolis continues bursting with dreams… Our secret rendezvous could just be the most thrilling gamble.

He’s an uptight, silver fox professor. I’m his young, free-thinking med student. So just how did this brilliant surgeon become my secret, billionaire lover? My struggling student existence collided with a man whose world is nothing like mine. He’s a professor, I’m a student. Got it. A frivolous bet and a wild kiss at a social event changed everything. I won’t let Ryan Carmichael get under my skin, but I will let him into my bed. Just seeing him sets my body aflame. But Ryan made it clear that I’m a pain in his posterior. We rub each other the wrong way. He rescued me once, so why does he keep doing that? We can’t seem to keep it academic. His kisses are intoxicating, his body, perfection. The rules say our relationship is forbidden. Screw the rules, I want his heart too. If we’re discovered, his reputation could be ruined and my career over before it starts. We both have secrets and major trust issues, but love means being willing to risk it all. Maybe it’s time to tell him about that positive pregnancy test. He’s an uptight, silver fox professor. I’m his young, free-thinking med student. So just how did this brilliant surgeon become my secret, billionaire lover? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Annora Channing’s entire world changes the moment she discovers she’s a bear shifter. With mated wolves for parents, she should have been a wolf also. When the man she grew up thinking was her father realizes she isn’t his daughter, he devises a plan to use her existence to his advantage in a way that will get her out from under his roof. When her situation goes from bad to worse, Annora escapes but is badly injured in the process. Luckily, Elias Reve comes to her rescue while on his way to Wolf’s Point and the daughter he lost years ago. With nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to, Annora joins him on his journey and ends up running smack-dab into the arms of her mate. Parker Tate knows Annora is his the moment he lays eyes on her. When he manages to mate and mark her within hours of when they meet, he considers himself lucky. Then the trouble nipping at Annora’s heels finds her and Parker realizes the path to claiming his mate won’t be as easy as he thought – especially not with the bears involved.

Rub Me The Right Way by A.J. Norris. Can love conquer death? A dying woman is gifted with an antique bottle, but little does she know the real present is hiding inside.

Wolf Of My Heart by D.A. Henneman. Can true love find those who don’t want to be found? After a full moon and another blackout, a werewolf finds a mysterious pair of panties in his bed. Curious to know where they came from, he follows the scent trail to a sexy elf. Now, he’s in real trouble.

Rub Me Tender by R.C. Matthews. Can curses be broken? A genie fantasizes about the day she is no longer bound to serve the Sultan, but that can only happen if someone loves her without any expectations in return—a hard feat when your sole purpose is to grant wishes.

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