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These steamy romance novels feature a grumpy billionaire boss falling in love with a smart and sassy woman. Book 1: Grumpy Billionaire Boss’s Secret Baby: I never expected my one-night stand to become my billionaire boss. I moved to New York to start a new life after I lost my job. And I ended up running into my past. Yikes! He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my son’s father. The crazier part is that he doesn’t know. I haven’t seen him since our one-night stand six years ago. Yet, he still has some crazy gravitational pull on me. I can’t figure him out though. He looks at me like he’s stripping me naked with his eyes. Then he bosses me around the office like he’s having a bad day. Boy, I’ll show him. Well, that’s what I thought until I found myself on his desk. He kisses my neck, and I bite my lower lip from begging for more. I don’t know how long I can hide the truth if this continues. I need to keep my distance and ignore my desires for him. Until he’s ready to meet our son. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

After a messy divorce, I leave romance in my rearview mirror. I have my son to think about and I need to put him first. Then Kylie Roberts stumbles into my life and shifts my world on its axis. She’s my new personal assistant and totally off-limits. But this vibrant, younger woman leaves me wanting more every time I see her. I’m on the verge of having it all. Then my ex demands custody of my son, using my budding relationship with Kylie as a weapon. Now I’m faced with an impossible choice – risk losing custody or risk losing Kylie. When the threats become too much to bear, Kylie flees town. With the stakes higher than ever, only one thing is certain. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

I vowed I’d never give my heart to another Ice Hockey player again. I learnt my lesson the first time. But then I met Kallen Jones and he became a huge problem. Not only is he on my “Don’t Fall In Love With A Hockey Player” list, he’s sitting pretty high on my “I want you” list. But I can’t date a puck head again. It doesn’t matter how good looking he is with his blue eyes, lickable abs and heart of gold. He’s a hockey player and my dad is his coach. Except Kallen isn’t like the others. He treats me like a princess and has me doubting my decision and breaking my vow at every turn. Until he turns out to be just like the last puck head I gave my heart to. I pucking hate him but I also pucking love him…I’m so pucking screwed.

Catching Alex cheating complicated my life. Until his best friend Ryan kissed me at the company NYE party. Moving to New York was a big change from my hometown in Tennessee. Alex is the reason I left my small-town life. Now, I love my job and don’t know if I should stay or go back home. Ryan is the heir to a billion-dollar throne. His father wants to see him settle down and end the string of playboy model girlfriends. The night of the company NYE party when Ryan pretended to be my new boyfriend still stuns me. As the ruse continued, my feelings grew stronger. Especially after Ryan asked me to move in with him to protect me from Alex. The way our lips melted together in a passionate kiss still makes my entire body shiver in delight. Surrendering my body for the first time in my life to Ryan felt so right as he engulfed me in his muscular body. However, when I learn I may be just another notch on Ryan’s bedpost, leaving the city seems like my only option.

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