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If he must remain and protect, he’ll do it his way… Noory Abramson is a streetwise woman with a sacred tattoo and a lineage of power that she fears and is trying to forget when she meets Nicholas Theodoulos, an immortal savior who cannot run from his calling and will not play by the rules. If he must remain and protect, he’ll do it his way. Nick is armed with a set of holy daggers and a supernatural ability to rescue missing children and rain down vengeance on those who harm them, but he’s unraveling, and it’s beginning to show. Noory is drawn to him when one of her charges goes missing from her homeless shelter. Together they set out to scour this plane and the purgatory dimension, where dark forces seek to exploit Noory’s dangerous attraction to Nick. Now, an immortal who was ready to find a way out of his existence will offer his very soul to save hers.

It was a stupid, spur of the moment idea. Who makes a bet to go downtown on their best friend?….. apparently me. I never thought she’d take the bet. This is the closest friend I’ve ever had and now I’ve ruined it. She’s so easy to be around with none of that relationship BS we both can’t stand. And now all I can think about is that night. The stakes are higher for me than I want to admit. Omission isn’t a lie, right? I haven’t told her exactly the truth about who I am, but maybe it won’t matter.

What happens when her Secret Santa is revealed? Will she return the gifts or will Santa unwrap a present of his own? All Alice Gardner wants is for someone to love her, and her Nana doesn’t count. The curvy dental assistant fears she’ll never meet Mr. Right. But always looking on the bright side, she has a new job opportunity and a new, older neighbor with chiseled abs to keep her mind off being alone during the holidays. Sentenced to community service, nothing in Axel Chase’s life is going as planned. He’s managing an auto shop, taking care of his Pop who has cancer, and his children live across the country. He always thought he’d have it all. When he plays Santa at Alice’s office party, he finds himself “ho ho hoing,” especially when Alice sits on Santa’s lap and gives him a bone chilling kiss. Then when she whispers her naughty list into his ear, Axel’s heart and maybe something else begins to thaw. Just when they’re getting comfortable with the age gap, as well as cozy in and out of bedroom, a bombshell destroys their happiness. But someone is still giving Alice everything on her list, and Alice begins to believe—in Kissing Springs—Santa is real. 

My new boss is the one bad boy billionaire I was hoping to never see again. Back in highschool, he dumped me for not giving him my v-card. (I still have it if he would like to try again.) Then real life took over. I moved away and made my career with the same hockey team he just bought. Now, after seven years, he’s standing right over there. I thought he was hot back then, but now he’s scorching. Broad shoulders, killer abs, and stormy blue eyes as tempestuous as the sea. Figure I have two choices. I could stay professional. Go splash cold water on my face and give him a chance to get settled in and let him make the first move. Or perhaps we can start our meeting with me being bent over his desk. It’s a tough choice. I have made my decision.

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