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Who’s that gorgeous woman snapping pictures of me from across the street? Oh sh*t, my best friend’s younger sister just rolled back into town and she’s definitely off-limits. Her beloved animal shelter is on the verge of closing and she has an idea of how to save it. Next thing I know, I’m shirtless, posing with a puppy. I could get used to her calling the shots… Moments after our scorching HOT kiss, I’m consumed by guilt—I’ve crossed the line and betrayed my oldest friend. But now that I know what she tastes like, I need more. I tried to keep my distance, but once we’re stuck in this cabin together, all bets are off. We lose control… the flame between us turning into a wildfire. Now that I’ve broken all the rules, can I risk it all for the love that’s always been just a heartbeat away?

I should know better than to fall in love with my billionaire boss… David is an enigma wrapped in mystery. He is tall, brooding with a chiseled jawline. His piercing blue eyes can see right through me and his rock-hard body perfectly fits his Tom Ford suits. He is the silent and mysterious type that has been hurt too many times to fall in love again. I vowed to keep my head down as his assistant and stay away from trouble. But he wants me… The way he shows little gestures of chivalry, the way he lets his guard around me, I know he does. When we find ourselves stranded in a snowstorm and he has me all to himself, his intentions become crystal clear. Navigating the blurred lines between professional and personal, I may now lose everything that I worked for, along with my heart.

A world of billionaires, outlaw MCs, and the childhood sweethearts stuck at the center of it all. When Victoria Stroman went missing it made headlines. “Baby Victoria” became the most notorious kidnapping in modern history. The only daughter of the ultra rich and famous Roark-Stroman family was never ransomed and never found. Until my parents died and I received a letter from beyond the grave confessing something I thought impossible. I was Baby Victoria. The one silver lining in it all was the return of my childhood best friend, Jace Malone. Now a prominent member of an outlaw motorcycle club, Devil’s Wrath, he’s still the sweet boy I grew up with, even if he is much more dangerous. Which is perfect, because if news gets out that Baby Victoria has been found, I’ll need a dangerous friend at my side.

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