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He’s not looking for happily-ever-after. She’s not looking for a hockey player. Can love score a win, or will it get iced? Blake Barrett’s star is streaking into the upper reaches of the galaxy, and it’s his wicked wrist shot that’s fueling the twenty-four-year-old’s meteoric rise. Top center for the NHL’s Cup-winning champs? Check. Millions in the bank? Yep. As self-assured in his stickhandling abilities off the ice as he is on it? Not so much. Women might be throwing themselves at him, but he needs a little more practice to figure out what to do if he catches one. Though after growing up with a front-row seat to his parents’ disastrous marriage, he’s convinced the closest he can get to happily-ever-after is settling for someone who ticks the most boxes when his career’s done. Why waste time on a dream he can’t even pin to the boards? So when Blake’s roommate—who also happens to be his teammate and best friend—sets his sights on their feisty new neighbor, Blake’s duty-bound by the bro code to help his buddy win her … except when Blake gets to know her, he’s not so sure he wants to play wingman anymore. Michaela Wagner has earned her (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

On the shore of Lake Michigan, just up the road from Blueberry Beach is another small town. Strawberry Sands. A place of comfort. A place of rest and peace. A place where divorcee and single mom, Kim Tinsley, can go to try to make a new life for herself, raising her baby, while praying for her older child who has left the faith of her childhood and is questioning everything she’d ever taught her. She’s not looking for romance. Only a safe place to heal and protect her children. To raise horses and rent them out to people like her – looking for an idyllic time along the shores of Lake Michigan. But she hadn’t expected the house she inherited to already have a renter. A man of character and conviction. A man she’s ashamed to admit her miserable past and failures to. But, as they work together to build a close-knit community in their idyllic lake-side beach town, she finds herself wondering if God had opened a door that she had thought was closed forever. Maybe love really is more than buff bodies and passionate encounters, betrayal and heartbreak. And maybe Kim will find it where she least expects it – in Strawberry Sands.

Love wasn’t part of this plan. So, why am I drawn in by this mysterious older, grumpy businessman, who turned my life upside down? I’m Claire Holt and I am desperately trying to save my family’s ranch from financial ruin. Hunter Hayes, an unsocial wealthy man, with a clean reputation that he guards like treasure, walks into my life. He clashes with me and my sister at a fancy bar. He was offended because one snapshot photo was taken with him and he threatened to sue. One photo changed everything and posting it led to a ridiculous game, a fake marriage to save the both of us. As emotions grow bringing us closer, Hunter starts showing a side he hides from the world. But there is a secret waiting to shake it all up, leaving me wondering if our make-believe could turn into something real.

These steamy romance novels feature a grumpy billionaire boss falling in love with a smart and sassy woman. Book 1: Grumpy Billionaire Boss’s Secret Baby – I never expected my one-night stand to become my billionaire boss. I moved to New York to start a new life after I lost my job. And I ended up running into my past. Yikes! He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my son’s father. The crazier part is that he doesn’t know. I haven’t seen him since our one-night stand six years ago. Yet, he still has some crazy gravitational pull on me. I can’t figure him out though. He looks at me like he’s stripping me naked with his eyes. Then he bosses me around the office like he’s having a bad day. Boy, I’ll show him. Well, that’s what I thought until I found myself on his desk. He kisses my neck, and I bite my lower lip from begging for more. I don’t know how long I can hide the truth if this continues. I need to keep my distance and ignore my desires for him. Until he’s ready to meet our son. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Willa: Spoiled Brat. Princess. Black Sheep. Rebelling Rich Kid. Phony philanthropist. The media calls me all kinds of things, but that last one stings. Hell, maybe I am a phony, trying to feel good about myself by taking up causes that matter. When another cause brings me to the mountains of Driftwood, I have no idea what I am about to face. Watt: Becoming Driftwood’s new Sheriff seems an easy enough task. It is a quiet town with mostly blue-collar workers. A motorcycle club is the main source of trouble. When a pushy rich girl comes to town, the last thing I want to do is get in her way. Because when I catch her being bad, I just want to forget I am the law and behave badly with her. Guided by the stars, these signs see the world through sensual eyes and animalistic desire. They’ve been known to rescue, stalk, discipline, and claim their perfect match.

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