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Who meets their soul mate at 6 years old? Sage: We were 6 when Colt saved my life. Not for one second could I deny the bond that formed between us after that. Truth be told, it scared the hell out of me. Who meets their soul mate before learning to drive their first pick-up truck? So, I ran. Yet years later, when a tragic accident lands me in the hospital, he’s right back by my side and refusing to budge. I know I messed up when I left him. Is a second chance even possible? Or does the cowboy womanizer now enjoy a new filly each night too much to resign himself to one saddle? Colt: I knew at 10 I was going to marry her. We would run the ranch together and fill our lives with sticky-faced kids and prize-winning cattle. When I thought of the future, all I saw was her. Then, she vanished. Heart shattered, I paid little mind to the rumors spreading like wildfire about me through the small town gossip mill. Until I finally faced the second chance I had been praying for. Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to prove to her there’s no truth to the playboy rumors, and that what we have is worth the risk. 

I shouldn’t be the nanny for the sexy, older billionaire…but I am. My teenage fantasies came crashing down when I learned my celebrity crush was an arrogant jerk in real life. He actually got mad when I played with his adorable 4-year-old on a flight. But there’s nothing hotter than a protective dad with a chiseled, blue-eyed-bod. When he picked me to be his nanny, I knew I had to prove myself. But being around his bulging muscles and hearing that little voice call me “Mom” made the job more difficult than I thought. Next thing I knew, I was pushed up against a wall, with my legs wrapped around him. This action-movie hero might just be the real-life hero I didn’t know I needed.

Silas Wickman is a printer in Regency London – a printer of some success, and has no time for dalliances – especially not dalliances above his station. Gladys Foster is a genteel widow struggling financially. Her only hope of new income is her late husband’s manuscript – and the publisher who is too captivated by her not to accept it…

She’s my assistant—off-limits and unforgettable. She’s the last person I expected to see carrying my child. Running a construction empire demands focus, not feelings. Until I met Sarah—smart, infuriating, and surprisingly alluring. We clash like titans, but one unforgettable night ignites the tension. Our world shifts when her pregnancy rocks the office. As I step up to support her, our walls crumble. Beneath her sharp wit and my gruff exterior, a connection sparks, unraveling the enigma of us. Soon, a new chapter dawns— I will prove I’m more than a billionaire CEO. She can trust that my heart is her haven. I never planned on forever, but now it’s all I want especially since she is carrying my child.

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