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I never thought I’d fall for a grumpy single dad, twice my age… Until this protective former NFL star reached into my panties and had me screaming on his desk. Jace Saxon is uptight and always trying to save someone. The man is confusing and annoyingly perfect. Only problem: getting him to like me. Now we’re forced to share a hotel room at an exclusive island retreat. He gives me a list of rules to follow yet he stays out every night. If he thinks I’m not gonna have my own fun, he’s wrong. But when danger strikes, he risks his reputation to protect me. It secretly makes my heart race and eventually, we can’t resist surrendering to our totally meaningless urges. Looks like he broke his own rule: Never mix business with pleasure. Just when we’ve settled into a situationship, a misunderstanding about his past could ruin everything. I’m terrified I just gave my heart to an uptight grump who can never fully give me his.

The last thing Roman “Rom” Cross expected when he attended a graduation was to be thrown for a loop when he spotted Layla Holmes in the parking lot. The sexy biker had no doubt that the gorgeous kindergarten teacher was meant to be his, so he claimed her the first chance he got. But their relationship is tested when an old enemy comes looking to settle a score with Rom. With bullets flying, will Layla and Rom get their happily ever after?

If only he wasn’t my best friend’s brother. Do I want Easton? Yes. Always have. Always will. Do I love Easton? I’m not sure love is the thing I care about any longer, so ask me again after my biological clock stops ticking. What I will say is that Easton, “Mr. Wildcard” Cameron is an arrogant, talented, sometimes grumpy (well, with me anyway) pro footballer and even though he’s infuriated me for years, he also lights up all my happy places no matter if I see him on TV or in person. Then one fateful night, our years of snarky banter and “will we, won’t we” takes an unexpected turn. It’s the NFL’s off season, and he’s back in Pineville for his sister’s housewarming party. An explosive kiss melts my brain and my resolve quickly turning into the complete loss of any good sense I may have ever possessed. But I just as quickly learn the reason behind that soul shattering kiss that not only wrecked any chance another man could match it, but I’d begun plotting numerous ways to repeat it. Apparently, he overheard desperation in my voice when I confessed my troubles to his sister. Being the consummate troublemaker and tormentor of my youth, he offers a solution that benefits us both. As temporary as it is, I say yes. And now only time will tell if the years of avoiding our real feelings can bring us more than a bundle of joy. Welcome to Pineville, Idaho, where love always finds a way.

I made a mistake. At sixteen years old I fell for the wrong man. Callum Torrio. Ruthless billionaire. Dangerous villain. My best friend’s father. At twenty one, I gave up hope that he would ever notice me. He’s twenty years older than me and an arms dealer for the mob. The smart choice would be to forget he ever existed. But that’s not possible. His icy blue gaze, sculpted physique, and huge rough hands play a vivid part in my dreams. Then one night everything changes. Every fantasy I ever had, he brings to life. Dominant and possessive, he praises and worships me. He makes me feel like a woman, when all my life I’ve felt sheltered and controlled. But Callum has dark secrets and a past that refuses to let go. I knew he was a bad man, but I never would have anticipated this…

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