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My high school crush. No, my only crush. Ten years later, will we have the same chemistry? Nicola was two years younger, which seemed like a big deal at the time. She was hotter than a Bunsen burner. Dreamier than a cloud chamber. But then I was the one who evaporated when I was shipped off to university without a chance to tell her how I felt. I’ve spent a decade dreaming about her. When we meet up at our high school reunion, our chemistry is just as fresh as the first time I stared into her dazzling blue eyes. Nicola is all grown up – blonder, curvier, and even more brilliant. She taught me all about reactions, but now they are physical, breathless, and make me crave every atom of her seductive figure. Our chemistry instantly becomes fiery – every touch teasing, begging for more. Will our brand new relationship combust when our careers both pressurize?

“My eyes blink closed and I slip into a blissful, pleasure-induced coma—an inner whispering telling me I just traded in my job for the hottest night of my life. And I whisper right back–Worth it.” –Khloe. After a string of bad relationships, I’m ready to resign myself to a life of book boyfriends. But, just in time, thanks to a new job, my steamy office romance fantasies come true. My seductive coworker—James Ambrose. Just looking at his tall, dark, and tatted body, does things to me. The way he towers over me makes my normally feisty self suddenly submissive. Further united by our dark pasts a deep love forms. James is thoroughly irresistible except for one thing—he can’t quit gambling. But resist I must or, one, I’ll have my heart broken, and two, I’ll be fired by my boss, who also happens to be James’s jealous brother. After reassuring me that he is leaving his casino lifestyle behind, it’s my turn to play a game of chance. Will James give into temptation and break his promise and my heart, or will love see him through? 

Working as a legal assistant in this big city often means long hours and low pay. When a head-hunter approached me for a dream job, my first thought was… YES! When I walked into the interview, my next thought was… NO! Benji, my sometimes enemy but all-time high school crush, turned out to be the billionaire boss I am interviewing with. I thought that my hatred for him would make it easier for me to be his assistant, but all it took was one hot weekend to make me swoon for him all over again. When he asked me to be his fake fiancée for a weekend while he visited his family for Christmas, I was curious. I was also excited to see what it would be like to be part of his family. Will I be able to walk away from this bad boy? I keep telling myself yes. But this pregnancy test, showing two pink lines is telling me.. no.

Being a member of the Royal Bastard’s MC means I get what I want. Whiskey, respect and women. Usually. I have the respect and God knows I have the whiskey when I want it, but the women? That’s proving to be a problem. My life isn’t easy. It takes a strong woman to stay the course and I had her once, but I messed it up and lost her. Adele is everything I want and need, but she’s keeping her distance. Seeing her but not being able to touch her and make her mine, rips my heart out. But I’m a determined man, and it’s time I remember I’m the kind of guy who gets what he wants. And I want her. It’s time to find my redemption.

Never trust a big prick or his eyes! His lips I have fantasized about on every part of my body. Daren is a star NBA player and deliciously sexy beyond measure. While he’s trying to create another shot on the basketball court. I’m in his bed, trying to create another shot under his headboard. My parents think we’re so in love, but trust me, we barely know each other. Our bodies, now that’s a different story…they know each other very well. Everything in my life is on fast-forward now. 1. My boss expects me to figure out how to bring more money into this franchise. 2. My parents expect me to be married and pregnant by 4 p.m. today. Yeah…Good luck with that! There’s a lot I don’t know about Daren or how to keep this fake relationship from the world. And we’ve crossed the line from secret hookups to something more profound. Whatever our positions are in bed or in life, we end up with…is anyone’s guess!

Wanted: Men who understand that the Big O is not just another letter in the alphabet. To readers of my Sex & Love advice column, I have it all: glamour, brains, and an enviable sex life. But here’s the scandalous truth behind the gloss: I’ve never, actually, had my own Big O. Not even close. And DIY ain’t cutting it. Enter my dude-roommate and his hot friends. They get wind of my predicament and scheme to help me cross the finish line. Sometimes it takes a village. Or in my case, three dreamy, devoted men. But nothing in my life is ever that simple. I may have started out looking for my Big O, but now I have a whole alphabet of desires.

Cole: I’m being cut from the family will…unless I can secure a bride ASAP. And there’s only one woman I want to spend forever with. Zoe, the curvy waitress and single mom who greets me for every meal at the diner. Zoe: Ever since Mom passed I’ve been totally independent and doing a damn good job of taking care of my baby brother on my own. That’s until landlords, money collectors, and child services come knocking. I’m up to my eyeballs in debt and running off four hours of sleep from working back-to-back shifts at the diner. When the sexy older lumberjack asks me to marry him in exchange for his help though, I’m hesitant. I’ve been secretly in love with him ever since he took my brother under his wing. So when the marriage contract ends, I’m not sure if I can let go without completely falling apart.

My family will NOT take no for an answer, so I’m faking it with my best friend’s sister. I’m set to inherit our large empire, but not without an engagement. Before I am 30. Which is in 6 months. The annual family retreat is coming up in ten days. I need to bring my fake fiancée. My best friend’s sister – damn, she’s hot! I am totally taken by her when we meet. Those eyes, that smoking body, her hair. I want her. But I promised Olly, my best friend, that she will be safe with me. I’m not sure anymore. I make her an offer she can’t refuse. But what was once fake is becoming more real for me. This whole thing could blow up in my face, and the stakes are too high. I can lose it all. But I will risk it all for her.

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