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A hopeless romantic who has given up hope. A billionaire who has everything except what he really wants. One car. One storm. One Valentine’s Day to remember. Sabrina Hopewell is swearing off romance. Sure, she’s been a sap her whole life, and most of the stage plays she’s written have been silly, swoony rom-coms. But after her latest heartbreak, she’s decided it’s time to grow up and leave the fairy tales behind. Unfortunately, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the entire city seems to be conspiring to make sure she doesn’t forget it. Which is why when the opportunity to get out of town for the day comes up, Sabrina doesn’t hesitate. Just her luck, her attempt to escape lands her in a car with New York’s most eligible dreamboat. Noah Prince, a.k.a. “Prince Charming,” leads a charmed life. Or at least that’s what the gossip columns would have you believe. Still, he’s happy enough. Or he was until earlier this morning. Now he’s not sure what he is. Or what he’s going to do. All he knows is he needs to get out of the city now. He packs a bag and calls a car service. It’s a little strange that his driver seems to actively dislike him, but he’s far too preoccupied to care. But when heavy snow hits, things take a sharp turn . . . right off the road. Now Sabrina and Noah will have to work together to get through the night. But will they be the same in the morning? 

Never trust a Big Prick and a Smile! A lucky son of a bitch…Yep, that’s who he is. Nothing could tarnish the name of this Billionaire Olympic Playboy. He swims in and out of your life like a shark and devours you until nothing is left. Well, not me… I will not be seduced by those eyes or well-chiseled body. I only need him to help me get to the Olympics. Checklist: 1. Learn how to do a perfect diving sequence. Check. 2. Become the fastest swimmer on any division one swim team in the USA? Check, Check. 3. Win a gold medal and stand on the podium with the best female athletes from every competing country. Check, Check, Check. Trusting that he’ll keep his promise to train me is one thing. Trusting myself not to give into temptation is another…

Meet Chris Knight, lead singer of the international Rock Band, Knight’s Armor. He’s successful, rich and is in deeply in love with his girlfriend, Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a music columnist for Rockline Magazine. Her love of everything music pales in comparison to the love she has for her boyfriend, Chris Knight. What happens when two people love each other so much, but decide to change the rules? The dice is cast, a bet is made, how much will things change between them? Or will it end things for good?

Frustrated with negative reviews on her debut romance novel, more specifically the lack of spice in her sex scenes, Chloe lets her friends talk her into conducting hands on research to make the sex scenes spicier. AKA The Naughty List. Logan is back home visiting his grandmother for the holidays and agrees to help Chloe with her research. As they complete items from The Naughty List, the lines between research and reality start to blur. The only thing holding Logan back is the last item on Chloe’s list. Can he really go through with it?

One Curvy Singer/Songwriter. One rock legend. I’m Chloe, a singer-songwriter with a voice that’s ready to soar and a dream that’s about to take flight. Alongside my best friend, Nadine, we’re standing backstage at the Eclipse concert, our hearts pounding with excitement and anticipation. But this isn’t any ordinary concert, and Liam Hunter isn’t just any rockstar. He’s a musical legend, the man whose lyrics speak to the heart and whose melodies awaken the soul. With his tousled dark hair, intricate tattoos, and a voice that can make even the most reluctant hearts dance, he’s every inch the rock god. As a woman in the music industry, I’ve faced my share of doubts and setbacks. But tonight, as Liam’s intense blue eyes meet mine, I can’t help but feel a surge of hope and a flicker of something more — the thrilling promise of a shared passion and a connection that transcends the ordinary. Together with Nadine, whose fiery spirit is as infectious as her guitar skills, we’re ready to prove to Liam and the world that music is a language of the soul, and our souls are ready to sing. Are you ready to rock?

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