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I can’t keep my hands off my best friend’s daughter. And I never thought I would get her pregnant… I‘m captivated by Scarlett Halls. An annoying mid-twenties law graduate and my late best friend’s daughter. I promised to protect and watch over her, but she is more than I’ve ever imagined. She’s intoxicating, intelligent, beautiful, and a force I can’t resist. Stolen glances and accidental touches fuel the flames of desire within me. Every interaction melts away the hate, replacing it with undeniable longing. But dark secrets swirl, threatening to destroy everything we’ve built. I can’t ignore her quest for the truth behind her father’s death. I fear that danger lurks in the shadows, Making it impossible to resist the fierce protectiveness that surges within me. I’m willing to give my life to ensure her safety, Especially now that I know she is carrying my baby.

I was fired in front of a client for being late for a meeting. The client happens to be my dream-worthy one-night stand who I ditched. As despair sets in, he hires me. Although it happened in high school, Jason hasn’t forgiven me. He controls and owns the company. And anything he touches. Including me. Jason’s intense eyes watch me like he can see my secrets. I’m not immune to the way his chocolate muscles ripple. Electricity tickles my spine when he touches my hand. But we must work together and keep our hands and lips off each other. His words are dirtier than the games he plays. Someone is targeting Jason’s weakness to take down his company. He will go to any length to save his company, including hiring an enemy. He needs my cyber-security skills. Jason’s so bent on evening the score. But I still shiver thinking about that one time when I handed him my v-card, as we work together to save the company.

Sleeping with my billionaire boss led to the biggest secret of my life. I knew it was a mistake when I did it years ago. I had to skip town when I discovered that I was pregnant. Nine years later he’s back in my life and nothing has changed. He’s even better than how I remembered him. His exploration of my body leaves me powerless. His toe curling kisses makes me forget the hurt and pain of the past. But that pain will come back to haunt me when he realizes I kept a secret from him all these years, our son…

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