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The billionaire heir with a secret is the jerk who, in college, cruelly deceived me. Now we’re fake engaged, but this time… against all odds, he’s playing for keeps. Some men are hard to forget. Like the one who hurt me by prank dating me. Years later, I recognized Jackson with his hot-looking, chiseled features and perfectly muscled body. He’s still a jerk, only bossier. I agreed to do all I could to clean up the presidential candidate’s grandson’s image – including becoming fake engaged. It’s a business arrangement right? But between annoyance and verbal sparring, a single kiss ignited sparks of mutual lust. We agreed on a one-time tryst. Call it… closure. But I couldn’t resist the troubled grump of a man who bared both his heart and his body to me. I’ve fallen for Jackson. Again. Jackson has a secret and the media is relentless. He’s cracking under the pressure and my world is coming undone. This could be the end of a love I never saw coming. My heart is aching to know- can this relationship ever be more than fake?

My first genuinely naughty experience was a few stolen kisses with a sexy masked man in the rose garden. I would never have expected to start a relationship with a hot billionaire. Working for my father as a tour guide at the historical Emmensby House was the perfect job. But it was also expected of me. I’d never done anything purely for myself… until now. I didn’t intend to fall for an older man, especially not an old university buddy of Dad’s. But Grady volunteered to help save the house from legal issues, which was likely an excuse to spend time with me. Every time he touched me, I felt electrified until my body was begging for more. We grew close so quickly, but things were sure to fall apart when Dad found out. I knew he’d find out someday, but not at the worst possible time – just when I was trying to figure out if Grady was truly the man I belonged with forever.

Bowie and Jagger were sensational together… until jealousy and insecurities tore them apart. Jordan: Having my ex on our comeback tour was the last thing I expected to happen. She’d always been a kick-ass tour manager, and now she’s even hotter than I remember. How am I supposed to resist? Winning Lex back won’t be easy, and I’ll have to compromise on my past behaviours to make it work this time – because she’s worth it. That is, until someone connected to my past decides to play hell with my life, leading me on a path of self-destruction. Now I stand to lose what’s most important to me. My future with the band. My relationship with Lex. Everything. Alexis: Being offered the gig as tour manager for my ex’s band raised doubts. He’s always been the charismatic frontman, and now he’s as hot as I remember. How am I supposed to resist? I’ve told myself I couldn’t fall for Jordan again. Who was I kidding? He seems different now, and those old feelings are hard to ignore. Our explosive chemistry is still there, and what we have is worth fighting for. When his past demons raise their heads, we could be in trouble. He’s shattered my heart once, and I won’t let him do it again. 

She wants to get him to the Big Game. He wants to get her to the altar! Robbie Mason was once the NFL’s golden boy. One of the most successful placekickers in league history, he’s now staring down retirement. If he can just get his battered body through another season and finally get his chance at a Super Bowl ring… Dr. Violet Grange was raised in a family of football stars. She loves the game, but she doesn’t love the inflated egos that come with the men who play. The physical therapist has dedicated her life to helping female athletes stay on top of their game. Until her father asks for a favor… Coach Grange needs his star kicker to make it through the season, and he’s not above tricking Violet into working with her ex-boyfriend to make that happen. It’s been nearly twenty years since they saw each other, but all it takes is one look for Robbie and Violet to realize that their love has never died. Too bad she still hates him for something he never did…

What’s more chaotic than having to plan a wedding in which your family doesn’t want to be a part of and juggling two dominants? When those dominants put you on ‘restriction’ until the wedding. Daddy Matt says I’m a brat. He’s not wrong. Master Elijah says I need to learn restraint and discipline. When my teasing goes too far, my husbands to be set up a decadent night that the three of us will never forget.

Ember: I was separated from my parents and a world where the most important thing I had to worry about was my next outfit. Everything I have ever been or will be… torn away abruptly as I’m thrown into what feels like never-ending chaos and confusion. Thrust upon an Alien male who I can’t understand and dangers I don’t comprehend. How do I cope with the reality of being alone on an alien planet where I’m not wanted? ViN: I live for the next mission, with absolutely no need for a female of any kind. Until a whiny, ungrateful, high-maintenance one falls literally into my arms. Why does the feel of her small body and the urge to make her smile again confuse me? Fighting the attraction and refusing to be like the others. I walk away from the temptation, so why do her tears haunt me so?

A blast from the past lands on my doorstep and I see a glimpse of a second chance that’s too tempting to resist. When Raelyn walks into my life again as the new nanny to my son, I pretend not to know who she is. But behind her cold shoulder, I see the girl I once loved—the one her grandfather tore away from me. She watches over my son like a hawk, and old feelings resurface. But I’m scared to love again, especially when I find out she’s carrying more than just her secrets. With danger lurking and undeniable chemistry, I can’t let her slip away this time. Just when forgiveness and love bloom, a surprising revelation shakes us to our core. A night of careless passion leads to a surprising outcome, and as she vanishes again, I’m desperate to find her. Will I have the guts to confess my past, or will destiny once again tear us apart?

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