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Matthew has one focus in his life: the brotherhood in blue. His life is consumed with the busy night shift on the police force – drug busts, arrests, the lights and sirens. Matthew is great at his job, but cynical and needs something more. On an afternoon jog, he runs into an enchanting beauty and her furry, faithful companion. His world shifts on a dime. Suddenly, there is more to life than his blue uniform and working the night shift and chasing criminals. Rosemarie intrigues Matthew like no one before. She consumes his every waking thought. A local wine bar owner, Rosemarie’s life has been predictable. The one thing she never predicted was meeting Matthew. In their whirlwind romance, Matthew falls for Rosemarie quickly. Too quickly. And he doesn’t want to stop himself. Neither does Rosemarie. But Officer Danes’ job is dangerous, and a vicious drug dealer can’t let his arrest go. One night, that danger hits too close to his heart, and he must protect Rosemarie from the hands of a violent criminal. Can Matthew keep the dirty streets from staining the love he’s found with Rosemarie?

From the second I looked into her eyes, I knew I had to protect my girl. Zinnia is gorgeous, but it’s her sass that makes her wildly sexy. Yet she’s delicate. Unbelievably sweet. I can’t stand the thought of anything happening to her. My feelings already run so deep I can barely think straight. I can’t allow her to ignore her own safety. I will not allow her father to move her away. Even when I cross a line, she steps up to help me when I need her. I’ve never felt this passion, this deep pull toward a woman before. She’s already mine.

Will love be strong enough to overcome a string of secrets? In the village of Neverwood, magic is banned. For Ivy, a young fae brought up to keep her magic a secret, this was never a problem…until the unspeakable happens. After losing control and performing dangerous magic, Ivy is forced to leave behind all she has ever known. While on the run, her life is set on a new path after Imis, another fae wielding magic, saves her life. Imis takes her in, showing her it is possible to find a new family. As Ivy learns to grieve all she left behind, she is confronted with the consequences of her magic threatening to consume her. But as she does, more truths of who she is unravel. All she thought she knew about herself is a myth. Now she must keep more secrets from those she loves, or risk her life. Piece by piece, Ivy heals while falling in love with Elliot, the handsome fae determined to protect her. Little does she know, he is keeping her safe from a group called the Magic Reformers. As the Reformer’s efforts against the magical fae escalate, Elliot’s plots against the group lead him to keep secrets of his own. As their secrets come undone, will Ivy overcome the darkness lurking deep within her? Or is she fated to be consumed by it? 

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