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Ever since Nate McKenzie hired on as a roadie, musician Adam James has lusted after him. So far Adam has kept his distance, knowing Nate is mourning his dead wife. But lately Adam has caught the man returning his stares. Maybe it’s time to test the waters. Besides, there isn’t much chance Nate will find out that Adam was once his people’s Kokopelli. His powers were stripped from him, along with the magical tattoo on his chest, when his orientation was discovered. Nate is going crazy with guilt. Before his wife’s death, he never looked at anyone else, woman or man. Now his dreams are filled with Adam. He tries to keep his mind on his job and off Adam’s sexy body, but in a moment of weakness they share a kiss that sends them both up in flames. Their relationship risks both their hearts and Adam’s female fan base, but the attraction is too strong to ignore. Then someone takes a shot at Adam—and his tattoo begins to reappear, forcing him to come clean with his lover. And Nate must decide exactly where his future lies…before a killer steals it away from them.

They vowed to protect me from their violent world… but who will protect my heart from them? Every night they enter my bar—a trio of mafia enforcers exuding raw masculinity and lethal allure. Too dangerous to approach, too enticing to ignore. When the bar gets held up, I’m prepared to stand my ground, as I’ve had to do my whole life. But then Rocco, a powerful man with a deadly reputation, intervenes. With chilling ease, he dispatches the threat and keeps me out of harm’s reach. No one’s ever shielded me like that. And no one has ever looked at me the way these three mafiosos do. Discovering a sinister plot against me, they pledge their protection. Their pull is impossible to resist—even if I wanted to. Rocco, the most dangerous man I’ve ever met, somehow makes me feel safe. And when I see him with his young son, my heart softens toward the single father. Julian can target an enemy with pinpoint precision. He always keeps a cool head—except when he can’t keep his hands off me. Slater is reckless and bold, wearing his battles on his skin. Every scar has a story, and I long to explore each one while he’s making me moan. As passion flares, I learn that my ties to their dark world are deeper than I thought. My life is thrown (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Lily, a freshman in college waitressing at her local diner is fully content with being single by choice. She’s sworn off men after being wounded and damaged by a horrible ex. Keeping to a routine is obviously enough to keep you busy and focused. Or is it? Sawyer, a local woodworker with an unfortunate past is constantly chasing peace and happiness. This exact chase lands him in the face of Lily, his dream girl. Will Lily give Sawyer a shot or will his dream girl be just that, a dream?

I had a fling with my Billionaire enemy and now I have to pretend he’s my boyfriend. The only problem is, this filthy rich hottie is an informant for the FBI. The rules of engagement were simple: catch no feelings and cross no lines. So, why did I have to start falling for him when his secret life could put us both in major danger? He wasn’t supposed to mean anything to me. I was just there for the undercover story. But then this dominant alpha stormed in, and rocked my world to the core. This controlling man became protective of me despite my protests. Was he just using me as his ticket? Or did this grumpy protector actually catch feelings for me? And if things weren’t complicated enough, now I’m pregnant, with not one… but two of his babies.

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